Why Eating Carbs Is Good For Your Hair

Finally, science is on our side. We've been looking for ways to grow our hair faster, thicker, and stronger, and you'll never believe the secret ingredient to making it happen. Eating carbohydrates can help your hair grow, according to Charlotte's Book. If you're trying to grow out your tresses, start snacking on pasta and pizza, stat.

We have all heard the ugly side of carbs over the years, like they're "bad for our bodies" and that they're responsible for our afternoon slumps and bad moods. As we have come to realize, we need certain types of carbohydrates to function at the highest level and when it comes to growing healthy hair, you especially need complex carbohydrates.

Your hair and skin cells are the second fastest growing cells in your body, and are prone to breakage and shedding if you aren't getting the nutrition you need. Complex carbohydrates - like the ones found in potatoes and whole grain breads and pastas - contain sugar molecules called polysaccharides. These guys provide a slow-release of energy to the body, sustaining your energy and preventing sugar highs and crashes (ahem, thanks a lot, mono-saccharides). They also include important vitamins and minerals that are conducive to healthy hair and skin.

Complex carbs help your hair from the inside out, giving your body the fuel to use proteins to repair and grow cells. I'm not saying you should only eat carbs for the rest of your life, but I am saying that not including carbs in your diet can cause general fatigue, hair loss, and breakage.

Long live the carbs, y'all.

Image: @chrissyteigen/Instagram