Who Are Adam & Lara Gillman? The 'Hollywood Cycle' Stars Are Really Running The Show

Since the name of this TV show is Hollywood Cycle and all, you would think that E!'s newest reality series would just be all about watching beautiful people sweat their booties off as they spin up a storm out of fear that their enthusiastic instructor will annihilate them if they don't. Now don't get me wrong, it's about all of that — and the drama that ensues — but it's also about how Adam and Lara Gillman make the Hollywood Cycle spin studio, Cycle House, a successful business.

Just because you may have seen some of E!'s promos for Hollywood Cycle doesn't mean you know who Adam and Lara are. In fact, you probably don't even know what they look like. The spots for this show tend to emphasize the high-intensity interactions among the instructors and their students inside and outside of the studio.

As the co-founders and co-owners of Cycle House, Adam and Lara may not always be in the spotlight on Hollywood Cycle, but there wouldn't be a show without them, now would there? And believe me, once Hollywood Cycle premieres on E! Tuesday night, you might just wish it was called The Adam and Lara Gillman Show instead, because you'll be very impressed you by the fact that these two young entrepreneurs built a successful business from the ground up, which is now beloved by celebs and has earned its own reality show to boot.

Aside from all of that, Adam and Lara just seem like a really cool couple. Here are six reasons why.

1. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility — And Drama

Running your own business is always hard, but when you have to manage several intense, egotistical, and outspoken personalities at once, it can be especially difficult. As co-founders and co-owners of Cycle House, Adam and Lara have to deal with that day in and day out. You'll see them try to keep it all together on Hollywood Cycle as they often fail to see eye-to-eye with their headstrong instructors about how the business should be run.

2. They're Partners In Business & In Life

One reason why Adam and Lara work so well together is probably because they're married. Yes, these two lovebirds got married in 2010 after dating for five years. You can even see some photos of them in the early years of their relationship on a website set up for their wedding, which is still live, because love is forever and so is the Internet.

3. Adam Means Business

Cycle House's success shouldn't be attributed to luck. Adam and Lara use their years of experience to build up their business. In particular, Adam has honed his business savvy for years. He received his MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business and then went on to work in marketing, management, and strategy for companies such as the now-defunct dating site MeetMoi, mobile content company Golive! Mobile, and digital advertising company Fluent, according to his LinkedIn page. So now running his own company is kind of like a no-brainer.

4. Lara Has Worn Many Hats In Her Career

Lara's path to owning and operating Cycle House wasn't as straight as Adam's. Her background is in media, working as a news intern for an NBC affiliate and then in sales for MTV Networks, according to her LinkedIn page. But she peddled her way through all of that to reach her true calling at Cycle House.

5. They're Philanthropic

Adam and Lara didn't create Cycle House just to help themselves; they also wanted to help other people. Not only does the business provide a venue where people can improve their health, but also it has a positive impact on others beyond Cycle House devotees. The facility helps cut down on waste by not selling bottled water or printing anything on paper. Cycle House also has a Take 1/Give 2 program which means for every ride a person takes, the studio will donate two meals to an American in need. If that doesn't inspire you to put down the remote and go for a ride, I don't know what will.

6. Their Child Has Four Legs & A Tail

Adam and Lara don't have any human children of their own, but Eloise, Lara's shih tzu, is basically like a daughter to the couple. Lara snaps tons of photos of Eloise growing up, takes her to the park, and even showers her with stuffed animals. But don't judge. If you had a dog like Eloise, you'd probably spoil her too.

With running Cycle House and keeping all of its instructors in line, Adam and Lara have plenty on their plate right now, and I can't wait to get to know them better on Hollywood Cycle.

Image: laratyler/Instagram