6 Unusual Ways To Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has always been the real MVP in our beauty arsenal, especially when it comes to those days when you just don't want to wash your hair or when you want to extend the life of your beachy waves. But who would've ever thought that dry shampoo on wet hair could get you the perfect amount of volume? I'll tell you who: hairstylist Michael Dueñas. Dueñas actually stumbled across this beauty secret on accident when he, "was out of mousse on a job that required volume, and in a panic I used my dry shampoo. I was astonished at how well it worked."

It's been four years since he found this beauty hack and he's been using it regularly ever since. The look that it creates is a very flawless and airy style that makes it look like there's, "absolutely no product in the hair."

To get it, all you have to do is get your hair damp, which Dueñas describes as, "90% dry" and simply spray long strokes from the roots to the ends of your hair. The product will begin to, "bind itself to the hair strand, causing the strand to be fuller, thicker, and more voluminous," Dueñas tells Byrdie.

Naturally, this process is a lot quicker with canned aerosol dry shampoo, but dry shampoo powder works, too, as long as you can evenly distribute it.

If you're down to explore some more hair hacks, here are five ways to get the most out of your dry shampoo.

1. Add grip or a little extra hold to your bobby pins

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The added texture that dry shampoo gives can help hold bobby pins in place and even make your hair cooperate when you want to slick it back.

2. Hide your dark roots if you dyed your hair blonde

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If you don't want to have to go into the salon for root touch-ups every two weeks or so, you can use a power dry shampoo that'll lighten the look of your dark roots.

3. Add volume to your eyebrows


I know it sounds weird, but if you want to have your eyebrows look fuller before filling them in, rub some power dry shampoo on them.

4. Unstink your flats

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With all your shoes that you normally don't wear socks with (i.e., oxfords, Sperrys, flats) they probably smell pretty bad from your sweat. Well the starch in dry shampoo will be able to soak up the oil and stank.

5. Unstick your bangs from your forehead

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If there's anything more unpleasant than hair sticking to your lip glossed lips, it's having your bangs constantly stick to your face. Just spray underneath your bangs to keep your hair matte and less prone to sticking.

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