Standing Ovation Doesn't Make The Cut On 'SYTYCD'

This is truly one of the saddest moments of So You Think You Can Dance Las Vegas Callback Week. Despite the women hardcore dominating the Street Team side of the competition in Season 12, one of the early favorites from the SYTYCD auditions was sent home too soon. The self-proclaimed (but more than well-earned) Queen Of Detroit, Kenya "Standing Ovation," was sent home at the final stage of the Las Vegas Callback Week: During the Green Mile. Standing Ovation had a rough start to her Vegas Week. She began the competition by having a severe panic attack that she herself described as the worst thing she had ever experienced. But somehow Standing O pulled it together and really seemed to be killing it through the rest of the week, having really only one major down moment during the Group Round of the competition. But even though Standing O couldn't nab a spot on Team Street, the women dominated both Team Street and Team Stage.

The judges could not help but tell every single guy who did make both teams how great the women were this year proving that they could not help but see the truth, the women in So You Think You Can Dance were clearly going to own Season 12, and it's not hard to see why. On Team Stage we've got powerhouse Contemporary and Jazz dancers like Marissa Milele and Haley Payne, as well as the only tapper in the whole competition, the ever persistent, truly wonderful Gabby Diaz.

And on Team Street, incredible performers like Jessica JJ, Yorelis, Megs Alonso (who is a freaking beast) and my absolute favorite Jaja Vankova who nabbed the last slot on the team. Unfortunately other favorites like Marie Poppins did not nab a spot. Standing Ovation took her loss extremely well, she knew that she had fans in all of the judges and her almost mentor tWitch and she explained that she was proud for everything she had done. Sure, she may not have done enough to secure a place on Team Street, but I'm ridiculously proud of her for what she has shown us, and I am so excited to see the women of SYTYCD Season 12 take over from week to week.

Images: Screenshot, Adam Rose/FOX