Denys Drops A Bombshell To The 'SYTYCD' Judges

I'm going to have to echo Nigel's sentiments here. Ballroom dancer Denys just wasted everyone's time on So You Think You Can Dance. Monday night's Las Vegas callback episode of Season 12 ended with a lot of joy and a lot of heartache as the judges chose their Top 20 dancers, 10 on the Street Team led by tWitch and 10 on the Stage Team led by Travis Wall. But there was also some anger and annoyance on the part of the judges and myself when Ballroom dancer Denys chose to drop out of the competition literally seconds before the judges were sure to announce him in their Top 10 Stage Team dancers.

So why exactly would Denys want to leave? His reasoning was that he was worried there wouldn't be enough emphasis on Ballroom dance this season with the Stage vs. Street team format. He believe Ballroom would be more ignored this season than in previous seasons. When the judges explained to him that this would not be the case, he also briefly alluded to the idea that he was annoyed his dance partner and girlfriend of eight years had been cut from the show days before the judges' announcement. But when the judges asked if that was why he wanted to drop out, he stated he was doing it for himself and no one else. You know what I think? I think Denys realized he wouldn't win this season of So You Think You Can Dance which would ruin his reputation as he had just won the recent season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada . I think his ego got the best of him, or really his insecurity, and he knew he couldn't handle it. To be honest? Good riddance. If someone has any doubts about being in the competition, they should go home so that people who are just as good — if not better — and actually want to be there can get a coveted slot. The season and the competition will be better with the people who have been chosen. I cannot wait to see how Season 12 unfolds.

Images: Screenshot/CTV