David Beckham & Kevin Hart Are Twinning for H&M

Twinning is so fun, especially when it's totally unexpected. David Beckham and Kevin Hart donned matching outfits for H&M, teasing an upcoming campaign for the discount retailer. The tattooed, hunky soccer star and the hilarious 'n' handsome comedian will appear in the campaign for the Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham collection.

It's an unexpected fashion faceoff, leaving us to ponder which of these two celebs wears a red and black flannel better. Who seriously owns it when rocking white pants?

Well, it's actually a total draw, since the gents styled the pieces in the exact same way. The styling differences come from their hair — both facial and on top of their head.

The ads are slated to run sometime this year, according to Racked. But I am just fine with giggling at these cute shots. Fashion can be such a serious realm, but these behind-the-scenes shots demonstrate the humorous side of style.

I mean, it's Kevin Hart. How could there not be an element of laughter and/or fun in everything he does?

Check out the on-set action and that palpable bromantic chemistry between Beckham and Hart. Could a buddy comedy be in their future? A joint cameo in the Zoolander sequel? Appearing in Victoria Beckham campaigns? The possibilities are endless.

Hart accuses Becks of jacking his style. Honestly, the buttoned flannel looks amaze on both men, proving the universal nature of the piece. It works on a man with a faux hawk and one who is close-cropped.

Long-sleeved orange tops and white pants? Beckham and Hart epitomize athleisure in this shot. I have no clue what's up with the bear, either. But who cares about taxidermy when you have two sharply dressed and handsome men in the photo? Neither embellishes the outfit and therefore I couldn't hand out a "Who Wore It Better?" award even if I had a gun to my head.

Both look dashing!

I cannot wait to see the actual ad campaign when it runs. Perhaps we'll find out WTF that bear has to do with it.

Let's just be content with seeing Beckham and Hart twinning epically.

I also noticed that Hart is a fan of the whole matchy matchy thing and not just when he's shooting a fashion ad.

Even his red luggage is coordinated. Now that's a man of style.

Images: Kevin Hart/Instagram (3)