A Washing Machine For Your Makeup Brushes? Yup!

Do you procrastinate washing your makeup brushes because it just takes too long? Thought so! Well, the Lilumia Brush Washer is here to change all that. It's a machine that washes your brushes for you, and can clean an entire set in 15 minutes. That's a huge time-saver, especially if you happen to have a large brush collection like many makeup-obsessed mavens. With this invention, clean makeup brushes could actually become an every day thing instead of a once-every-three-months thing.

There's no better feeling than applying product with newly cleansed brushes. Soft, clean bristles free of product build-up make applying cosmetics instantly simpler and more pleasant. Lilumia's quick and easy brush clearner might actually be the greatest invention since the eyelash curler. To use, you just fill the bottom with soap and water, load up the brush holders, and hit start. It doesn't get easier than that.

According to InStyle, the machine holds six brushes and uses the soap and water mixture to give your makeup brushes a scrub that no fingers can match. Not only does it clean the bristles, it also sanitizes them without damaging the handles. Get your hands on the machine beginning August 7th for $149 at Lilumia's website.

This isn't the only beauty invention that has changed the lives of beauty gurus everywhere. People are constantly looking for ways to make their morning makeup routines easier (thank goodness!) and it's about time we celebrate those modern inventions too.

From hair to nails and everything in between, these products stepped up the beauty game for sure.

1. Cordless Flatiron

Perfect for traveling or just having one less cord to trip over in the morning, this invention makes life easier for the on-the-go girl.

(Escape Cordless Hair Styling Iron, Chi, $109.98)

2. Stick on nail polish

There's nothing like getting a fresh manicure, but they can be time consuming, expensive, and harsh on nails. This creation eliminates the mess and chemicals that come with constantly painting your nails.

(Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, Sally Hansen, $8.59)

3. Dry shampoo

This little bottle of wonder is something that's become so common now-a-days that it sometimes gets overlooked, but make no mistake — dry shampoo is a life-saver.

(Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, Not Your Mother's, $5.99)

4. At-home hair removal

This might not work as well as going to a professional, but it's a big plus to have a a safe at-home hair removal product that's available whenever you need it.

(No!No! Hair Remover, No!No!, $289.95)

5. Electric face cleansing brushes

This invention took skin care to a whole new level. These brushes scrub better than any finger every could.

(Skin Care Cleaning System, Clarasonic, $99)

You've gotta love what modern technology has done for beauty!

Images: Courtesy Brands