IHOP Pancakes Are Only 57 Cents Today, So Run, Don't Walk, To Your Nearest Pancake House

If you want to get in on almost free pancakes today, get to your nearest IHOP ASAP. Today is IHOP's 57th anniversary, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, the famous breakfast chain is selling short stacks for just 57 cents each. For less than it costs you to take a subway ride or even buy candy from the vending machine, you can get a full pancake meal — what a deal!

You can get in on this 57-cent pancake meal today only from 7 am to 7 pm, so make sure to get there before time runs out. If you're wondering what exactly your 57 cents will get you, the short stacks available at this price feature three buttermilk pancakes — and if you've ever seen the size of an IHOP pancake, three should be more than enough to fill you up.

Now of course, like anything that seems too good to be true, there is one catch: You can only buy one short stack of pancakes during your visit to IHOP, since the deal is only valid once per customer. So if you were planning on stocking up and getting three orders of pancakes, your plan will sadly be ruined. You also can't use any other coupons or discounts with this promotion, so you'll want to stick to ordering just pancakes.

If you're wondering where you can find an IHOP close to you, the breakfast giant's official website has a restaurant locator you can use to determine where you can get a 57 cent short stack. I'm guessing you'll probably find one within a few miles of you, since there are over 1,600 IHOP locations in the U.S. alone.

You guys, can you believe how awesome this is?! I'm super pumped to get my pancake on at IHOP today, and I'm definitely going to take the opportunity to go all breakfast-for-dinner-style. If you, too, are hankering after a 57-cent short stack today, but you're not sure how you can fit breakfast into your dining schedule, here are five ways you can enjoy your IHOP pancakes today — even if it's not breakfast time anymore!

1. At Your Lunch Break

Tell your entire office about this deal and go together as a bonding experience. Everyone in your workplace will probably love you forever and you get to eat for less than a dollar- it's a win win!

2. As a Mid-Afternoon Snack

I usually eat a snack somewhere around 2 pm to keep me going for the rest of the day. Use this as the perfect excuse to go out and snack at IHOP to get you motivated to work hard for the afternoon.

3. With Your Grandparents

If you haven't seen your grandparents for a while, take them to IHOP today! I know my grandparents and I have fond memories of going to IHOP together; there's just something about old folks and breakfast that go together well. There's nothing better than getting to make someone's day and eat on the cheap, all in one go.

4. As a Solo Date

Going on solo dates can seem intimidating, but it's actually quite enjoyable. If you have been wanting to go somewhere alone to enjoy your own company, take yourself to IHOP tonight! I guarantee you won't be the only loner there today if you're afraid of being left out.

5. As a Late Breakfast

Hey, no one is judging you for sleeping in until noon. If you find yourself groggily reading this article in bed, get up and take yourself to IHOP for your first meal of the day. Pancakes are the breakfast of champions, am I right?

Images: IHOP/Facebook; Giphy (5)