Remembering Amy Winehouse's Tragic Death

When Amy Winehouse passed away four years ago, she joined the list of talented musicians who were taken from the world far too soon. But exactly how did Amy Winehouse die? The singer and star of a new documentary, Amy , never tried to hide the fact that she struggled with substance abuse; her breakout single "Rehab" was about this very topic, and her personal, professional, and legal issues resulting from her addiction were highly publicized. Nonetheless, the world was shocked when Winehouse was found dead at her London home on July 23, 2011, and when her cause of death was ruled to be alcohol intoxication.

In 2013, a coroner's report revealed that Winehouse's BAC level was .4 percent (over five times the legal limit). Around the world, people mourned the loss of not only Winehouse's extraordinary talent, but also of the life that she could have lived had she not been held captive in the clutches of addition. Amy, now playing in theaters, gives us a more in-depth view of Winehouse than was ever attainable during her lifetime. The film explores her life from birth to death, utilizing tools such as home videos, interview footage, family photos, and interviews with over a hundred people who knew the singer. In doing so, Amy memorializes not just the artist but also the human being behind the name Amy Winehouse.

This is not the first gesture to memorialize Winehouse, though. Here are three other ways her legacy lives on:

The Amy Winehouse Foundation

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The foundation named in her honor is a charity created shortly after her death by Winehouse's family and friends. According to their website, the organization has several goals: to prevent substance abuse through education, to provide rehabilitation and ongoing support for at-risk youth, and to create opportunities for disadvantaged youth to learn and practice music. In addition, the Foundation provides funding for many other causes which were relevant to Winehouse's life, therefore expanding her influence even wider.

The London Statue


As if their philanthropic efforts weren't enough, patrons of the Amy Winehouse Foundation also moved to have the musician memorialized in a tangible way by commissioning artist Scott Eaton to create a statue of Amy in North London. The sculpture, which is life-sized and features the singer's signature beehive hairdo, was unveiled in a public ceremony on what would have been Winehouse's 31st birthday. Fans are welcome visit the Amy statue, which stands in her hometown of Camden.

Her Father's Book

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Back in 2012, Mitch Winehouse published a book called Amy, My Daughter that details the singer's tragic life. It's an emotional read, but well worth the time if you're itching for an in-depth look at Winehouse's youth, career, and more.

The statue, the charity, the book and the film all serve the same purpose: to remember Amy Winehouse not just an icon but as a person, and to keep her memory and legacy alive even thought she herself is no longer with us.

Watch a trailer from the film below:

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