This Woman Proves Coconut Oil Is Actual Magic

It seems you only need two things in your medicine cabinet to stay young forever — coconut oil and sunscreen. Well, that's at least what Pamela Jacobs, a 52 year-old woman who uses coconut oil every day, believes. And judging by her ultra-youthful and super healthy appearance, she's probably on to something.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jacobs explained the importance of coconut oil, which she combines with healthy eating, exercise, and frequent visits to the sauna, to keep her youthful appearance.

"I'm a big coconut oil lover," Jacobs told the Daily Mail. "My mother used it on our hair and skin when we were younger and I've carried on." And Jacobs doesn't just keep the oil around for cosmetic purposes — instead of adding sugar or an artificial sweetener to her morning cup of Joe, Jacobs adds some coconut oil, and tries to cook some into whatever food she's making. Because why not add as much of the seemingly super-powerful ingredient as possible, right?

Besides sunscreen (which is clearly a must-have for anyone who walks outdoors), coconut oil is slowly becoming more and more popular because of its many uses, from a hair mask to everyday body lotion, to an easy butter replacement. In other words, if you don't have a jar of coconut oil in your house already, you probably should.

A jar of raw coconut oil that you can pick up in most supermarkets is super useful, but here are some beauty products that already have the ingredient added in, so you can make your cosmetic routine a little more, well, coconutty.

Coconut Oil for Smooth Lips

Yes To Coconut Cooling Lip Oil, $4.99

Rejuvinating Hair Oil

Sundari Neem and Coconut Hair Treatment Oil, $40

For All-Over Smoothness

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula, $5.95

Time to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon!

Images: Vita Coco/Facebook, Courtesy Brands