10 Black Women Killing The Flowers-In-Hair Game

by Charmaine Simmons

Hair trends are always coming and going so fast that it is hard for me to keep up. The recent hair craze that I discovered on Tumblr is black girls wearing flowers in their hair. Yes, you heard it correctly, these ladies are wearing flowers in their hair. I am really hoping that this alluring hair trend is not a fad.

Like most women, I am always looking for new hair trends to try out. And putting flowers in your hair is the quickest and easiest way to look like a blossoming beauty while being creative and different this summer. Rocking flowers in your hair is like having your own personal garden atop your head. That definitely sounds like a dream come true to me.

The flowers-in-hair trend arguably evolved from the über popular floral crown trend, which is still going strong as well. From peonies to sunflowers, gorgeous black women have been seen effortlessly rocking floral hair pieces. This hair trend may seem extreme to some, but I can picture women — especially fellow black women — donning this artistic hairstyle almost everywhere. Did I convince you to try out the beautiful hairdo yet?

Here are just 10 black girls rocking flowers in their hair. They'll certainly make you think twice about giving this hair trend a whirl.

1. Blue Flowers

I am not a "know every name of every kind of flower I see" kind of girl. However, I do know that these blue flowers are breathtaking and I cannot stop staring at them. This beautiful lady is highly popular on Instagram and Tumblr for donning floral arrangements and sometimes leaves in her gorgeous mane. I dare you to explore her Instagram feed and fall in love. You won't regret it!

2. Flowers On Turban

This beauty re-vamped this lovely hair trend and I cannot love it more. She decided to place yellow flowers onto her hair turban for a true culture and nature clash. This just shows that flowers are the perfect extra touch to any hair-based accessory.

3. White Flowers

This pretty lady donned white flowers in her hair for a photo shoot. What I am obsessed with is the contrast of her beautiful chocolate skin with the white carnations to give an elegant, classic feel to the photo. Am I the only one feeling inspired by this picture? If so, I am not ashamed.

4. Floral Crown

Floral crowns are still a hit in terms of hair trends. This is probably why this adorable gal decided to rock one while taking artistic photos in her backyard. Plus, floral crowns are great for women who want to wear flowers in their hair, but are a little afraid to dive right into the stunning hair trend. It's all about the baby step, ladies.

5. White Carnation In Curls

Ever dreamed of having your wedding in a garden? If so, you should take a cue from this lovely lady and pair a white carnation or two with your mane. This beauty decided to wear white carnations in her curls on her big day.

6. Flowers With The Stem

Placing flowers in the hair is a blazing hit for photo shoots and creative videos. This photo is one of my favorites out of the bunch simply due to the vintage editing. Plus, the stunning model is rocking flowers with stems in her hair, which I have never seen before. I mean, why not step outside the box?

7. Recreating Floral History

This gal decided to recreate Billie Holiday's iconic look. The outstanding singer was known to always wear flower pieces in her hair. Billie Holiday and this divine woman are both stunners with their floral arrangements in their luscious locks. I guess history repeats itself in terms of hair trends as well.

8. Wedding Flowers

Solange (aka the leader of the carefree black girls club) is known for always switching up her hair and always looking flawless. This hairstyle from her wedding day is no exception. The superstar donned white flowers in her Afro for her wedding for the ultimate chic, retro look. What a stunner you are, Solange!

9. Bright Flowers

Matching your flower hair pieces with your makeup is always fun. Take a cue from this gal and rock matching eyeshadow with your flowers in your hair to stand out from the crowd. Do not fear being "matchy-matchy," ladies.

10. Pink Sunflowers

There is something about pink sunflowers that makes me smile. Seeing this sweet lady donning them in her fluffy Afro makes me smile even harder. Pink sunflowers in your locks will leave everyone staring and speechless when they see you strolling the streets. Trust me, humans will be speechless in a good way.

Images: Courtesy Instagram Users