9 Kids Who Got Into Their Mom's Makeup Bag

Have you ever put on mascara, looked in the mirror and thought, "You know what? A child could apply this better than I do." Well, bad news: I've had that thought more than once and it's more true than even I realized. According to the Internet, a whole lotta kids get into their parents' makeup bags and the results go from hilarious to terrifying to shockingly good. About half these kids are seemingly practicing their Halloween makeup and the other half are getting dolled up for school. What ever happened to the days when we didn't let kids where makeup until they were 16? (Was that just a rule in my house? Cool, cool, never mind then.)

Whether you refuse to let your kids wear makeup, or like to paint their nails and help them get dolled up for their preschool graduation, you will appreciate these toddler hot messes. (Actually, hey, some of them are not so messy. But the messes were more my speed because when I put my mother’s lipstick on as a child, I made sure to get it ALL over my face, like a pro.)

If you’re a parent, these photos, videos and gifs will convince you to put your makeup bag far out of reach.

Here are 9 kids who got into their parents’ makeup bags and really went for a new #look:

1. Girl who was going for subtle demon eyes

2. Mia, who likes to give herself makeovers

She knows how to make her lips pop.

3. Baby with all sorts of different eyeshadows on

4. Girl who will teach you how to put on bronzer like a boss

How much is too much? Answer: No such thing.

5. Bella the eyeshadow guru

6. Babe who REALLY loves lipstick

7. Kids pulling off classy looks

They're better than me at Twitter AND makeup.

8. This chick working the eyelash curler

I just want to go through a space time continuum, enter this video and tell her to pleeeease be careful.

9. Queen of soft lips

I have several Drake/Rihanna references for "soft lips", but I feel like this isn't the right context.

Image: YouTube