Everything You Need For A 'Why?' Viewing Party

It feels like just yesterday that I was doing some extensive googling to find out who this guy with the "pickle juice" joke was; but now Hannibal Buress is millennial America's heartthrob thanks to his role on Broad City and rose to notoriety in an unexpected way after an offhand comment about Bill Cosby during a set. Now h's about to be an even bigger time when " Why? With Hannibal Buress " premieres on Comedy Central this Wednesday night.

Claiming that he'll answer life's "biggish" questions and current topics with a mix of standup, sketches, man-on-the-street interviews, and special guests; Why? is definitely the comedy show you're not going to want to miss this summer. I mean, Hannibal's already dressed like a shark to promote it and spilled that he doesn't know exactly what it will be like: they shoot each episode the day it airs. He's more than funny enough to have a reputation built on making people laugh and I hope that this show will help expose to an even bigger audience. Topical, off-the-cuff, and likely a little bit perfectly irreverent; Why? is likely going to be what you'll be quoting with your friends all summer.

I'll be tuning in and because everything has to be A Thing, here's what you need to throw the ultimate Why? viewing party.

1. A Hannibal Buress Candle

Hannibal Buress Candle, $18, emergingthoughts.com

I may only know what Hannibal Buress smells like in my dreams, but if you burn two of the candles with his face on them at the same time, you can imagine he was totally just there. Or, you can get the Strawberry Fun Dip scent: because, obviously.

2. Apple Juice

Hannibal once said that his excitement over scoring a sweet deal on some apple juice made him forget racism exists. So, apple juice or alcoholic cider should be your party's go-to beverage.

3. Pretzels

You should definitely have a bunch of different kind of pretzels, but realize that there is no difference between them. You know, just as long as you know.

4. Sandwiches

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He doesn't want you to pray for him, he wants you to actually do something helpful and make him a sandwich. Make sure to flick pickle juice on them for flavor.

5. These Nail Decals

Heartthrob Nail Decals, $10, emergingthoughts.com

Give yourself a mani before Why? starts and emblazon your nails with the face of the man of the hour. I mean, why wait until next week to get your next Hannibal fix? Take that smile with you all week.

Images: Comedy Central; Getty Images; Emerging Thoughts (2); akabaloo,stand-up-comic-gifs/Tumblr