What Does This New 'X-Files' Teaser Reveal?

by Emily Lackey

There are only 201 days left until Fox unveils its six-part X-Files event, but if you are anything like me, you already knew that because you’ve been keeping track of the countdown on your Mulder and Scully 12-month calendar. DUH. But, just in case you haven’t been tracking as closely as I've been, Fox announced via their website that they will spend the next 201 days airing one episode of The X-Files a day, in order, leading up to the revival series' premiere date. In addition to this more-than-generous gift from the Fox gods, a new X-Files promo was also released that included never-before-seen footage from The X-Files revival. That’s right: Mulder and Scully, back in action again. FINALLY. And even though the clip is only four seconds long, those four seconds are some of the most telling in X-Files history.

What does the clip reveal? Turns out, there is A TON of information that we can get from it, even without a full-length trailer. Something tells me that, with the rewatch happening, that’s the most we’re going to get of Mulder and Scully for a while.

So in order to keep our appetites in check, let’s tear those four seconds apart and take a look at just what we can expect from The X-Files revival, coming in 2016:

1. It’s Going To Be Just As Creepy

Abandoned bathrooms, dark rooms, unlit candles, and some rando animal skull in the foreground. Check, check, check, check! You can count on just as many opportunities for nightmares as you could in the original.

2. Mulder And Scully Are As Badass As Ever

The first we see of Mulder and Scully in over a decade is of them blasting into an abandoned room, guns blazing? YAAAAS.

3. Scully Is Looking Fierce

Seriously. Look at that pantsuit and perfectly styled hair! This woman is a dream.

4. They’re Still Obsessed With The X-Files

“I believe that what we’re looking for is in The X-Files,” Mulder says in the four-second clip. Really? Even with everything in the cloud these days?

5. Mulder Still Smoulders

Just like Scully, Mulder is still looking just as good as ever. Question of the year: How do these two still look so good?

6. They’re Searching For The Truth

And Mulder is more certain than ever that it’s in the files.

7. But Also The Answers

Because, you know... it's out there.

No matter what they're looking for, when they find it in 201 days, I'll be there.

Image: Fox; Giphy (7)