This Dog Watching The World Cup Has No Time For His Baby Friend, Plus 6 Other Pets Who Got Way Into The Game — VIDEO


Pets: They're just like us! Take this dog watching the Women's World Cup, for example. Of course when I say "us," I don't include me. I hate sports. I can honestly say that I haven't been as interested in any single sporting event in my lifetime as this dog is in soccer. (I've really tried, but I just don't get it—sorry, dudes.) BUT STILL. The point remains that loving the lively spirit of competition isn't just for human enjoyment. Clearly, this dog has been looking forward to this game forever (or, if they're like most Americans, about five minutes before they started watching and acting like an expert on women's soccer). It has probably had a long, busy day doing dog stuff. Those cars weren't going to chase themselves. And who else was going to bark for about an hour after the UPS guy rang the doorbell? See, no one thinks of this stuff and it always winds up falling on the dog.

So imagine the poor pup's disappointment when their littlest human just. won't. leave. them. alone. It's like "Gah! ZOMG, I love you, tiny human, but you need to back the hell down and just let me enjoy this. If I take my eyes away for a second I could miss everything. That's right, go get your bottle or whatever."

It makes perfect sense that our pets would be into watching sports. For dogs, enthusiastically cheering on their favorite team is the perfect complement to their outgoing, fun-loving, loyal personalities. As for cats, they figure if they watch sports long enough eventually they'll see someone get hurt, which is the highlight of a cat's day.

To wit, I have included further proof that we should really consider catering more sports programming to cats and dogs, as they are clearly an untapped marketing demographic..

This dog is more excited about watching football than I was about the birth of my first child...

Bearaids on YouTube

This cat is really into boxing and also probably really into the Rocky movies and starting bar fights...

I feel like this dog watches basketball the way a minister would watch a porno...

Gonul Nuroglu on YouTube

He seems rigid and uncomfortable, ready to flee at a moment's notice, but ultimately singularly and intensely interested. When it's over, he skulks away quickly, without making eye contact.

You can tell these cats are absolutely judging every misstep in this tennis match and whispering about it to one another...

tahtelyasmina on YouTube

This dog obviously has a lot of money riding on this game, and it is not going well...

Anna Painter on YouTube

This dog is like "Gooooooooooooooooooooooooal!" and then probably blew on a vuvuzela when no one was looking...

Severa, the dog on YouTube

So next time you leave the TV on for your pet when you go to work because you feel guilty about leaving them alone, tune in to something sporty. Chances are they'll be pretty into it.

Images: YouTube