Wedding Photo Booth Alternatives For Your Big Day

You can't throw a great wedding without a spectacular photo booth — that's just a fact, you guys. However, that being said, hanging red curtains and the typical four frame photo strips are getting a little boring these days. Spice things up in the picture taking department when you tie the knot by instead trying out one of these five wedding photo booth alternatives. From floating fairies to themed catch phrases, photo booths don't have to be traditional (and considering how much fun they really can be, they shouldn't be).

Photo booths are essential to any wedding not only because of the entertainment they provide for guests during the reception, but even more importantly, because of the memories they help produce and document for everyone in attendance. You're never going to forget a fun day if every time you open your fridge you see a photo of it. Don't let your friends and family forget your big day. Oh no, shove it in their faces months after the fact with some outstanding photo booth setups.

Fun, easy, and affordable, there's really no reason you can't opt in for a crazy, yet wonderful photo booth alternative on your big day. Go ahead, get a little silly.

1. Set the scene

Whether it's a magical forest with dancing fairies, a candy land filled with cotton candy mountains, or a galaxy that's far, far away, setting a scene in your photo booth takes guest photos to a whole new level. Having a couple different settings that you can have swapped out throughout the night isn't a bad idea either. I mean, who doesn't want to see a row of groomsmen posing with some butterflies? I know I do.

2. Patterned fabrics

Like I mentioned earlier, red curtains are so blasé. Don't fall victim to them. Instead, pick out some pretty patterned fabrics to use a backdrop. It's amazing what some chevron stripes and color can do to a photo. Another added bonus? It's super affordable and easy to set-up.

3. Stick to a theme

So the bride and groom are major Star Wars buffs? Perfect. Or maybe they can't get enough of Orange Is the New Black? No worries. Throwing a cutesy catchphrase that matches a film, television, or pop culture item on the backdrop of your photo booth is a sure win for everyone involved. Also, don't forget to toss in some relevant props for guests to pose with. Doubled-sided lightsaber, anyone?

4. Bring out the mylar

Repeat after me. "You can never have enough mylar." Everybody loves something that sparkles. Throw in the fact that you weave in and out of it and pop your head through it, and you've got yourself a sure bet for a good time. Whoever said mylar is tacky can put a sock in it.

5. Create a giant prop

Give your guests something to hold onto while they're flashing their pearly whites in front of the camera. What's fun about having everyone showcasing a giant prop in their photo booth pictures is that you can make an awesomely coordinating photo collage after the event. It's also a blast to see what kind of fun your friends and family can have with a giant piece of cardboard — trust me, you'd be surprised.

Images: *Nom & Malc, Rainforest Action Network, Matt Druin, *Nom & Malc, Matt Druin, *Nom & Malc/Flickr