The Ideal Lips Throughout History, From The Ming Dynasty To Kim Kardashian

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Sometimes, you can look in the mirror and think "god, I was born in the wrong decade". Or century. Or millennium. Beauty standards can seem amazingly solid — high cheekbones, big lips, eyes the size of Mars — but the reality is that they're incredibly culturally influenced, and nowhere is that more evident than in the ideal of lips over human history.

While big-lipped ladies like Jessica Alba and Lupita Nyong'o currently reign supreme, they're just the current trend. Thin-lipped ladies can look back at the 1910s, 1700s, and early European history to find their time, but there have been periods for basically every shape and volume to be in style, from elegant pin-pricks to broad grins.

So take a look back through the ideal lips in human history. Which era was your ideal? And which trend is it time to bring back?

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