9 Times Florence Welch Rocked A Suit Even After Florence & The Machine Ditched Floaty Couture

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As a massive Florence and the Machine fan, I've always been an equal fan of Florence Welch's style. Over the years, we've gotten to watch Welch go from hippie, floaty dresses to fabulous couture and now we've reached an almost inevitable conclusion — killer suits. The female suit takes a lot of daring and prowess to pull off, but Welch has made the transition from highly femme dresser to gender bending woman. Her sound has developed so much from Between Two Lungs to How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful and it only makes sense that her fashion sense would have, too.

Luckily for me, I got to catch Florence Welch's set at Glastonbury only a couple of weeks ago. Not only was I wowed by how vocally stunning her music is even at a live show (even at a live show where she's constantly running around and off the stage), but also by how beautiful she managed to remain whilst doing it, especially when donning a full suit! The silver glitter suit she chose for her performance knocked her outfit at the Governor's Ball out of the water — even if the vintage look might have suited the hippie rooted festival more. Her music, her attitude, and her style have always been inspirational and now... so is her suit collection.

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