Hermes "Petit H Surprise" Mystery Box Will Run You $1,875 Because Big Surprises Come At A High Cost

First there were the Gilt Jetsetter offers for a night's stay at a mystery hotel, which were quickly followed by secrecy-shrouded invitations to enigmatic performances like Queen of the Night and Sleep No More. Now, the mystery trend has taken hold of the fashion industry, where Hermes is offering consumers a mystery box for $1,875, Purseblog reports, as well as a less expensive $245 version for customers on a more restrained budget. Though the prospect of paying $1,875 for a surprise may cause budget-conscious consumers to swoon on the spot, Hermes seems to believe that its loyal shoppers will dip into their wallets for the not-so-cheap thrill.

A Prada City Sport Leather Tote Bag will cost roughly the same amount as a "Petit H Surprise", as Hermes fondly labels its mystery box, but don't expect a Birkin bag inside your shipment. A basic Birkin bag without any bells or whistles costs nearly five times the Petit H Surprise's $1,875 price tag, and Purseblog verifies that indeed, Hermes's signature handbag is not part of the box's contents. Hermes began Petite H as a means of reducing waste by forming odds and ends out of fragments not used to create its signature handbags, scarves, and accessories. The resulting unique products ranged from a toy sailboat to a silk bracelet.

According to Purseblog, items gathered from the monthly service since its May 2015 debut have included a luxe pen case, scarves, and bag charms. For Hermes collectors, the prospect of owning a piece unlike any other the company has ever created may be worth the hefty financial commitment.

Indeed, Hermes' commitment to minimizing refuse does seem incredibly well-intentioned. If consumers are willing to pay significant sums for scraps that would otherwise have been tossed aside, why not achieve two objectives with one brilliant idea?

However absurd the notion may seem to consumers who find paying anything over $100 for a tote ludicrous, the Petit H concept has created considerable buzz in the luxury retail sphere.

Hermes has created exhibitions and pop-up shops populated entirely by its Petit H items in locations across the globe, where anxious consumers can regard the innovative pieces firsthand.

Whether you have an extra $1,875 saved for a rainy day you'd like to spend on a luxe curio or you'd rather simply continue paying your rent with the amount, Hermes' mysterious venture is inarguably a feat of great creativity.

Images: hermes (5) /Instagram