Connie Britton Has The Best Beauty Advice

Connie Britton has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, so it's safe to say that she's had to endure her fair share of criticism from the media and even the general public. But along the way, she's learned many valuable lessons, especially when it comes to beauty and aging. Britton shared some seriously great, body-positive beauty advice in her recent interview with New Beauty.

Britton wants everyone to know that the women we see in Hollywood are "doctored and not real" and she stresses that she doesn't want women to feel like they have to give into these unrealistic standards. Instead of constantly trying to look like the women you see on magazines, Britton thinks it's important that women learn their own bodies and what works best for them, because everyone is different, and you have to live your own life. Can I get an 'amen'?

The American Crime Story actress also goes on to discuss her philosophy about aging in the public eye, and let's face it, her advice is exceptionally helpful, because she is 48-years-old and looks absolutely fabulous. However, it's not a miracle skin cream that Britton attributes to her youthful glow, but rather, her spirit.

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“It's more about the wisdom for me. If you serve your spirit, all of a sudden at this age, life is less scary, less overwhelming," she says. "Maybe that's the whole secret to life. It's not that bad getting older; you can enjoy it."

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Sounds like some solid advice that I think even Tami Taylor would approve of.

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