This Is Katniss' Fiercest 'Hunger Games' Look Yet

OK, seriously, the next Hunger Games is probably going to be the best one yet. Proof? Katniss' all-red ensemble for the new Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 poster. All I can say is I CANNOT wait. She practically looks like she's ready to conquer the world and do some serious work in the next installment of the movie franchise. Now for Hunger Games fanatics like myself, we all know this next movie is going to be pretty epic. And the red hot armor to match was a perfect touch to get us all excited for this movie.

Random fact about me: I pay unhealthy attention to all the iconic outfits in movies. So when I saw this poster release, I completely freaked out. I mean, I thought the Mockingjay wedding gown was mind-blowing, but this red hot armor is a whole different category. Her signature flowy hair plus the arrows strapped on her back? I can't handle. After seeing this, I think I may know what my Halloween costume might be. A little too much? Sorry.

Anyway, I think everyone can agree that Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning in this attire. From the knee-high boots to different textures of clothing, the red shelled-armor is completely flattering and powerful at the same time.

In all seriousness, can I get one too?

In comparison to all of JLaw's other Hunger Games attire, I'll definitely have to say this one is the fiercest yet. On that note, this only makes me appreciate her other iconic outfits even more.

Like her classic original armor:

Or her super gorge mockingjay wedding dress:

Or this battle outfit:

Can't forget this one:

OK, one more:

I seriously can't wait to see what else fashion moments are in store for Part 2!