6 Signs You Should Throw Out Your Bra

We get it: finding the perfect, goes-with-everything bra can be like finding a mystical unicorn that's potty trained and breathes fire. When you do find that magical bra that fits like a glove, it's hard to let go, but sometimes it's necessary. Here are the six signs you should throw out your bra, because your boobs don't deserve to be unhappy and uncomfortable.

First thing's first: how long is a bra supposed to last? A typical bra should be used for six months to a year before it's time to replace it. If you're rotating your bras (as you should be doing every few days) then your bras can last longer. Caring for them properly - like hand washing and drying - can prolong your bra's life as well.

Still, no matter how careful you are, the end of the road will come for your underthings. Here's six ways to know it's time to say goodbye to your old friends.

1. It's too small

You may be hanging on to a super cute bra from high school that you plan on squeezing your girls back into it one day. Listen, I hate to squash dreams here, but keeping items from yesteryear, particularly underthings, is not a good idea, for so many reasons. Wear clothes that fit you right now, and toss the bra.

2. It's shapeless

If your favorite t-shirt bra has turned lumpy, slumpy, and shapeless, its time to trash it. If there are lumps or unevenness in the cups, this means you probably aren't getting the support you need. There should be no gaps, bulges, or funny folding in your bra.

3. It's uncomfortable

I would think this is a given, but we can often spend big money on a bra only to realize that, after a few wears, it's really uncomfortable. If it's lacy, it can turn rough after a few washes and cause irritation. There's no saving it now, so it's best to say goodbye.

4. It's lost elasticity

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If the straps and back are no longer stretchy and snappy, then you aren't getting the support you need. All elastic, no matter how high dollar the bra, will eventually wear out.

5. It gapes

Your bra cups should fit snugly and comfortably against your skin. If there is any weird gaps between your bra and skin, or the ladies are overflowing, your bra is ill-fitting and it has to go.

6. It's falling apart

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If your underwire is poking through, the lace is staring to look more "hole-y" and less "lacy" and your white bra has turned yellow, it's time to go shopping.

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