The Best of Ann Demeulemeester, Set to Poetry

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All over the world, punks, vampires, and stylish poets are mourning Ann Demeulemeester's exit from her eponymous label. Her androgynous, tailored pieces and voluminous black silhouettes left an almost literary cast on the world of fashion — hers was a style that privileged emotion over trends, dark romance over flashy attention-mongering. Ann Demeulemeester's acolytes are as distinctive as they are introverted, perpetually huddled inside in moody black coats and punkish lace-up boots, smoking a cigarette between two long, cold fingers as they sway to an old Patti Smith record.

In honor of "fashion's melancholy poet," as WWD so memorably termed her, here's some of her most emotive, elusory work, presented as it should be — next to swathes of dark poetry.

Image: @dianjyu/Instagram

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