7 Smart Ways To Cut Your Cleaning Routine In Half

There's no two ways about it: cleaning is the worst. And cleaning during the summertime, when all you want to do is go outside and enjoy the warm weather? That's just downright awful. Luckily for us, Hometalk has compiled seven genius ways to clean up faster, so that you have time to do things you ACTUALLY want to be doing (read: basically anything else). That gorgeous sunshine isn't going to last forever, and there are only so many more beautiful beach days left this season. Don't waste these precious minutes indoors! From tips to help you clean the bathroom in minutes to a brilliant bed-making hack, here's everything you need to know so that you can get outdoors, faster. Mission accomplished.

It’s time to cut down your cleaning routine. After all, it’s summer, and wouldn’t you rather lounge on the beach catching some sun and enjoying an icy lemonade than clean your house from top to bottom (or even just from eye level to knee height)? These quick cleaning tips from Hometalk bloggers will help you cut your mess and the time you spend clearing it. So tidy up in minutes, and then you can grab your beach bag and head for the sand.

1. Finish off your showers by putting shampoo on the door

Before you towel off after your shower, quickly scrub the glass doors with a daub of shampoo to fight the build-up that happens between cleanings over time. With this easy habit, you can cross “shower door cleaning” off your chore list for good.

Project via Janette @The 2 Seasons

2. Give grout a quick scrub with this pantry solution

Mix these faithful pantry dwellers into a natural solution that’s tough on grout grime so that you don’t have to be. With this heavy duty natural cleaner in your hand, your tiles will be sparkling in no time.

Project via Heather and Vanessa @At the Picket Fence

3. Make your own no-mess mat for playtime

OK, this is seriously awesome! Make a mat that turns into a bag when cleanup time comes around. All you have to do is pull the drawstring, and that messy pile of toys disappears into a colorful, easy-to-stow satchel.

Project via Katie @Clarks Condensed

4. Cover your sink with foil for a fast silver cleaner

Turn your sink into a foil-lined bath for your tarnished silver and watch the magic happen! This clever cleaning hack will do the job for you, no scrubbing required. It’s actually so easy and fun, that you might end up digging out all of your silver just to watch it emerge sparkling like new.

Project via Danielle

5. Visit your baseboards when mopping the floor

Make an additional stop when mopping your floor to slide over the baseboards. Even if it seems unnecessary to do each time, quickly cleaning the baseboards as you mop will save you from having to bend down and scrub when dirt builds up over time.

Project via Anna @Ask Anna

6. Give your microwave a speedy steam

Say goodbye to the days of wiping out your microwave with a cloth until your hands are sore. Now, all you have to do is set a dish of essential oils and water in your microwave and turn it on. The steam created by the mixture will break down the grime, so that a once over with a cloth will finish the job.

Project via Jennifer @Pink When

7. Roll your duvet cover on in two minutes

The classic duvet cover conundrum has been solved — finally! Instead of stuffing your blanket into its cover and then fighting to get it straight, or waving it in the air so that feathers fly everywhere, this simple rolling trick will give you a perfectly fitted duvet cover every time.

Project via Carrie @Making Lemonade

For more helpful cleaning tricks, tips, and how-tos, check out the cleaning tips page on Hometalk!

Image: Morag Riddell/Flickr