No, Seriously, Coffee Is Definitely Good For You

Like wine, coffee is one of those controversial drinks that seems to go back and forth all the time on whether or not it's healthy for you. Some studies say that caffeine is going to protect us from certain forms of cancer (yeah, no I'm not a doctor), while others say that it's essentially the devil incarnate. As an enthusiastic consumer of coffee, I prefer research that supports my caffeinated lifestyle, like this video that culls through a ton of data to back up its central thesis: Coffee isn't bad for you. Indeed, it might actually be good for you, which is probably the best news I've heard all day.

The video stars Dr. Aaron E. Carroll, a University of Indiana Medical School pediatrics professor, who points out several different reputable studies that indicate that coffee consumption isn't actually unhealthy. On the contrary, he explains, many studies have found that coffee provides health benefits to its drinkers; furthermore, people who drink tons of it (like, seven to 10 cups a day) are actually at no greater health risk than those who consume none at all.

It's not like telling me that coffee is bad for me would make me stop drinking it, but it's still nice to know that my java habit might even have some health benefits. I mean, we do get inundated with stories all the time to the tune of: "Rejoice caffeine fiends! Coffee is good for you!" But something about Dr. Caroll's tone (and the fact that he's citing a ton of serious evidence) makes it seem like we really ought to trust him. Excuse me, I'm off to go refill my mug (just not with cream and sugar, because the things we put in coffee actually are bad for us).

So, what diseases does coffee consumption lower our risk for? Here's a few:

1. Liver Cancer

By more than 40 percent, no less.

2. Type 2 Diabetes

Good news if you drink as much coffee as I do...

3. Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's

So, that's a good excuse for your afternoon latte (as if you needed one).

4. Cardiovascular Disease

As long as you're drinking fewer than 10 cups a day, you're good. By which we do mean cups, and not mugs. One cup is equal to eight ounces. Remember that.

5. So, What's the Takeaway?

Drink up!

6. Disclaimer: Coffee Still Isn't Great for Kids or Pregnant Women

Just something to keep in mind.

Watch the whole video here:

Images: QuotableLife/Etsy; HealthcareTriage/YouTube (6)