Who Hillary Clinton Likely Unfollowed On Facebook

A new Facebook update makes it easier than ever to unfollow annoying friends who post way too many baby photos or offensive political rants. You can quickly scroll through your friend list and unfollow all the undesirables in one fell swoop, rather than having to go to each person's individual page. This improvement is going to clean up everyone's news feed — including those of political celebs like Hillary Clinton. As a high-profile Presidential candidate, Clinton likely has tons of Facebook friends she would rather not socialize with, but whom she can't unfriend because she needs to stay on their good side. So the burning question is: Who did Clinton unfollow on Facebook following the update?

We all have those Facebook friends who overshare in their statuses, post way too often, or are just plain irritating. There are also the people whom we don't really like, but don't want to delete completely because we either don't want to offend them or because we think they could be of use in the future. Politics is full of frenemies, and I'm willing to bet that Clinton has a fair share who she swiftly unfollowed. Here's a few likely ones.

Laura Bush

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As former First Ladies, Clinton and Bush have probably been forced to mingle quite a bit over the years, leading to a dreaded Facebook friend request. The two women hold very different political beliefs, and Clinton was probably tired of seeing all the Republican propaganda on her news feed. Sorry Bush, you've been unfollowed.

Patti Solis Doyle

As her 2008 campaign manager, Doyle likely brings up memories of Clinton's old, failed Presidential bid. It's just easier to unfollow Doyle and move on from the past.

John Kerry

Kerry has Clinton's old job of Secretary of State, and constantly seeing photos of him traveling around the world probably makes her nostalgic for her administration days. She has nothing against Kerry personally; it's just better to avoid his elephant selfies.

Donald Trump

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Clinton and Donald Trump are old friends, but after his comments attacking Mexican immigrants, she needs to distance herself from him. He's also her opponent now, so she doesn't want to see all his "Pls vote 4 me 4 prez" statuses anyway. Unfollowing Trump is a win-win.

Bernie Sanders


Clinton and Sanders worked together in the Senate, but now he's her biggest competition for the Democratic nomination. She can't fully delete Sanders because there's a possibility that he could run as her VP, but she also can't be seen liking his liberal rants in the meantime.

Ariana Grande

Clinton probably added Grande on Facebook after the singer endorsed her on Twitter, because celeb support can go a long way in a presidential campaign. But after Grande licked those donuts and said she hates America, Clinton likely didn't want to see anything from the star on her news feed.

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