13 Surprising Celebrities Who Posed For 'Playboy', Including Steve Martin (Yes, That Steve Martin) — PHOTOS

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Posing for Playboy used to be one of those things that made people raise their eyebrows when they heard a certain celebrity decided to do it, but now it's par for the course. In 2015, posing nude is totally NBD. Through the years, the concept of posing for the mag has evolved into somewhat of a rite of passage in Hollywood, but whether they decided to wear clothes or lingerie or take the plunge and bare it all, there are still a few celebrities who posed for Playboy that may surprise you.

Don't get me wrong — I think it's awesome when women are comfortable enough to show skin in a national magazine that has become an institution in publishing like Playboy has, because it proves they possess a rare, special kind of courage that comes with the ability to be proud enough of the body you're in to show it off that way. That must be the most empowering, amazing thing ever.

These women — and men! — definitely deserve props. As surprising as it might have been to see that they decided to take Playboy up on their offer to be featured in the famous magazine, their photos turned out incredible, and I will always be impressed by their confidence.

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