12 Feminist Crowdfunding Projects To Support

by Lauren Holter

Crowdfunding has become the fastest and most accessible way for people everywhere to raise money for their small businesses or projects, and because of this, it's is a great means of fundraising for feminist projects. From educating women in Africa to creating plus-size lingerie, women are using crowdfunding sites to fund their women-centric projects. It's an incredibly easy way to support other women and feminist ideals, as there are tons of feminist crowdfunding projects to donate to, and it only takes a few minutes. Most campaigns accepts donations as small as $5, so it doesn't have to be a huge financial investment, but you can give more if you feel so inclined.

Crowdfunding is the best option for many female entrepreneurs, as women's ideas are 15 times more likely to be funded through crowdfunding than by venture capital. Women's projects on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are doing incredibly well, too — according to Forbes, 42 percent of Indiegogo's successful campaigns were run by women, and these projects received more donations and more money per campaign than their male competition.

So, let's support our fellow ladies trying to raise money to make their ideas a reality. Here are 12 feminist crowdfunding projects to donate to.

Empowering Afghan Women

The NGO Future Brilliance Afghanistan is raising money to send an Afghan woman to school for jewelry design business abroad.

S-her-lock: The Web Series

This feminist, LGBT-positive TV series based on the Sherlock Holmes stories needs money to keep producing episodes.

Shade Mountain Press

A new feminist publishing house, Shade Mountain Press, is trying to publish its first books.

Love In The Sixth — The Movie

A movie about a cheeky, polyamorous feminist, Love In The Sixth, is raising money for production.

Black Women Are

This project aims to capture ideals of black femininity and womanhood from women in different walks of life.

Educate & Empower 50 Women & Girls In Zambia

Vital Voices, a nonprofit that advances women leaders, is raising money to educate 50 women in Zambia.

The Forgotten... Our Women Veterans

A photography student and disabled veteran wants to create a photojournalism book documenting female veteran's stories.

Reel Independent Women

Reel Independent Women is crowdfunding to support its platform for women and minority filmmakers to showcase their films.

Strong Sisters

Strong Sisters, a documentary about female elected officials in Colorado, needs donations to finish the film.

Brave Women Art Cards

A female artist wants to create a pack of 50 watercolor portraits of brave women and their stories.

Attollo Lingerie

This lingerie brand would offer sexy bras for women with big boobs who usually have trouble finding lingerie that fits.

Feminist Elizabethan

An online feminist magazine that discusses pop culture and social issues needs money to expand.

Images: Kayla Sawyer/Flickr (1); Indiegogo (6); Kickstarter (6)