15 Secret Tattoos You'll Love And Be Able To Hide

So you want to get a tattoo, but you don't want anyone to know about it. Whether it's because you want to protect yourself from the judgment of your parents, peers, or boss, or because it's something you want to do just for you, there are countless ways to get secret tattoos that are easily hidden from the unknowing eye.

A few years ago, after a difficult time in my life, I got a white infinity sign tattooed on my wrist. I kept it a secret from my parents throughout countless visits (both of whom, when they finally did find out, were totally supportive) and from my former colleagues for the entire time I worked with them (surprise, guys!). At the time I got it, it was something I wanted, and needed, to do for myself, and I didn't want anyone trying to talk me out of it, or telling me after the fact that it was a bad idea. It's so discreet that no one would ever know about unless I made the conscious effort to point it out, which I don't do very often. In fact, it is so unnoticeable that even I sometimes forget I have it. Check out these three ways to get awesome, secret tattoos that are just for you, and won't be seen unless you want them to be.

1. Have It Done In White Ink

White ink is an awesome way to get a tattoo without going through all the stress of choosing a particular color. Black and white? Pastels? Brights? See? There are way more choices than you might initially think of. Another plus? White ink starts to fade after about 10 years, so it's a slightly less long-term commitment. It's almost invisible to most people at first glance, which may allow you to experiment with choosing a bolder design, or to place the tattoo in a different, less hidden area of your body.

2. Put It In A Secret Location

The best way to hide a tattoo? Cover it up (duh). To make sure you'll be able to do this on an everyday basis (and in situations when your parents or your boss is around) choose a location on your body that is bound to be clothed during work and family-dinner hours. Some ideas: the inside of your mouth, behind your ear, your foot, behind your neck, and, of course, your butt!

3. Get One That's Really, Really Tiny

The sad reality is that no one is ever looking at you quite as closely as you like to think. It's why our friends never know what you're talking about when you ask them about the zit on your face, and why no one besides you ever notices the tiny coffee stains on your white shirt. Because of this, chances are that a tiny tattoo, no matter where it's placed (besides the center of your face) will go totally unseen.

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