Interact With YouTuber Jenn Im On Her First App

YouTubers are all about connecting with their fans and subscribers, but because uploading videos to YouTube is very much a single-sided type of interaction, many YouTubers have been partnering up with the mobile platform company Victorious to create interactive apps. YouTube beauty stars such as Michelle Phan and Eleventh Gorgeous are already on the platform, but Victorious' latest app star is ImJennIm, created by Jenn Im from ClothesEncounters.

On Jenn's new app, there will be plenty of opportunities to interact with her, including being able to share your #OOTDs and different beauty looks. She's all about being bold and embracing personal style, and her app will further encourage her subscribers to do exactly that.

I got the chance to talk to her and get the scoop on what you can expect from the app, including what her favorite features are and what her latest beauty obsession is.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the app?

A: Yeah! So, I decided to go for an app because I noticed that most of my subscribers are mobile now and instead of doing a website, I thought an app would be just a better platform for everybody. A lot of the times on Instagram or Twitter, a lot of things get drowned out and it gets difficult for me to keep track of everything, but on my app I’m going to be able to take it directly from my subscribers and they can post content and I’m going to be posting exclusive content on this app as well.

Q: I heard you'll be featuring a fan's Outfit Of The Week on your app. Will there be themes that you'll require your fans' outfits submissions to adhere to?

Yeah, definitely. I think posting an outfit of the day is going to be highly encouraged. The themes are going to be definitely around the seasons, so for the summer, we’ve got “Beat The Heat” looks, beach outfits, and so as long as you put the hashtag #OOTD, every week I’m going to pick out my favorite outfit and feature it.

Q: What are some general factors that you'll be looking for in the outfits? Will creativity be a big factor? Or what is it that “x-factor” that you're looking for in the outfit submissions?

A: Since I haven’t picked out anyone’s outfit yet, I think it’s difficult to see what it is. But as long as they’re having fun, like effort always matters, see how many details they have, like what kind of accessories they have, it’s just owning their personal style is something that I like to highlight. I don’t necessarily want to feature an outfit that looks like mine or anything, it’s just celebrating style pretty much.

Q: What are your favorite features about the app?

A: I think right now I’m obsessed with the design and the graphics in the app. When I was first started talking to Victorious, I was pretty nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and I was scared that my app would look like everyone else’s or it would just get lost in the mix of things, but I started a Pinterest board of anything that sparked my interest, things that were really inspiring to me, so there’s a lot of minimal lines that are in the images, and the colors are totally me, so I feel like the layout is what’s really exciting to me so far.

Q: I know the app will provide a digital publication with different themes each month and this month's theme is "Taking the Plunge." Could you tell us what inspired you to kick off your app with this theme?

A: This whole app in itself is taking a risk, you know? ‘Cause I don’t know how it’s going to be received, I don’t know if it’s gonna, you know, stick out to my subscribers — it’s all about taking a plunge and going for it. Even when I started my channel, it was taking a risk and putting myself out there. So July’s theme is in the middle of summer and it’s about just taking risks with your style, you know, like telling your crush that you like them, like really making this summer count. And I thought that everyone can post something that they’ve done outrageously. Whether it’s a crazy outfit that they wore or if it’s showing their face without makeup on the app, using the hashtag #theplunge, is gonna make me see what they’re doing and seeing how they are taking risks with their lives!

Q: What can your fans expect in these monthly publications? Is it going to kind of be like a magazine within the app?

A:’s mostly kinda like a Tumblr feed that is themed. So instead of seeing something like a traditional magazine, it’s mostly like everyone posting something about a specific theme and you can kind of browse through what belongs in the themes. So I feel like it’s mostly kinda just a community based thing for each month as opposed to a publication.

Q: What's your latest beauty obsession?

A: Definitely Korean products. I recently just came back from Korea and I got SO much Korean products, it’s insane. I’m in the process of trying each product out because I don’t want to just hold up a product and be like, ‘This is a scrub!’ while not knowing how to use it. So right before this interview, I just used an egg mousse pack and it’s too cool for school, and so I’m also going to be doing test runs on my app, so it’s going to be like my first impressions of products and it’s something I’m going to have on the app, probably next month or something, so I can give my little tidbits on everything. I mean, I learned in Korea that everything is about hydration and nourishment, they really like to go for that dewy look, right? It’s like super shiny *laughs*, but I mean it looks really healthy and beautiful so I’m just kind of playing around with a bunch of products like that.

Q: What’s a fashion or beauty trend that’s super hot right now, but you’re just not feelin’?

A: That’s really tough. Whenever I get that question about, “What don’t you like?” I feel like I don’t really focus on that in my life. If I don’t like something, instead of just bashing it, I’ll just not even think about it, you know? I guess it makes my answer kind of boring, but I don’t’s like, I wouldn’t wear it, but if you want to wear it, go for it. I honestly can’t think of a trend. I guess Crocs? I mean I was in Portland a couple days ago and there were a lot of Crocs everywhere, but even then, I feel like they’re part of like, a community that loves it so I’m like, ‘OK, if it makes you happy then wear those Crocs, dude!’ But I don’t think I would ever wear them.

Q: What are you wearing right now?

A: Oh! Oh my gosh, I’m like still in my pajamas. I just got out of a workout and so I just rinsed off my bod and put on...I don’t know. I think it’s supposed to be a shirt, but it’s kind of a dress on me, like a tunic, but it’s just like my lounge clothes. It’s red, white, and blue, so very patriotic. So that’s what I’m wearing! *laughs*

If you've fallen even more in love with the beauty star, be sure to download ImJennIm for iOS and Android to start interacting with her now.

Images: imjennim/Instagram (7)