5 Brilliant Uses for the Penis-Shaped Cake Pan from your Bachelorette Party

Did you buy a penis-shaped cake pan for your friend's Bachelorette party and then wonder how else you could make use of this handy device? Or did you stash it in your cupboard like a normal person, never to be used again? We are guessing the latter, and it turns out that was a huge mistake. has come up with several hilarious and creative ways to repurpose this phallic device, so keep these recipes in mind next time you're hosting guests or a child's birthday party! OK, maybe not the latter, I'm not trying to get anyone arrested.

Farm Cake

Just look how this barn is perched so nicely atop round, rolling hills!

Lighthouse Cake

This one is actually so convincing that you may not even notice the lighthouse's oddly phallic shape.

UFO Cake

10 points for creativity! Though this space ship is launching into the starry night at an interesting angle. Perhaps these cake pans were cast from real-life human models?

Wizard Cake

I don't know where the rest of this guy's face went but he certainly has a very impressive hat.

Elephant Cake

Don't feel inadequate, all you elephants out there. Not everyone's trunk is that big.