Get The Most Out Of Your Mascara With These 3 Looks

There's something magical about a tube of mascara. Just a few coats can take me from "barely awake" to "I just got 12 hours of sleep" in seconds. (Even if the reality is eight, if I'm lucky.) In short, it's my ride-or-die, desert island must-have. Throughout the years, I've learned that changing up my look requires few things other than a couple of great mascara tips ... and a whole lot of tubes spilling out of my vanity.

After some (OK, a ton) of trial and error, I've finally learned how to make my eyelashes really pop. This is especially useful when I'm transitioning from daytime to nighttime. And don't worry: I'm not talking about intimidating falsies and glue. All you need to get dramatic lashes is a trusty wand, a solid mascara, and an extra flick of the wrist.

So whether you're heading to the office or channeling Brigitte Bardot on a night out, mascara application is your key to taking a look from Point A to Point B. We've partnered with COVERGIRL to show you how to make your lashes larger than life for work, play, or a fancy occasion using their Super Sizer by LashBlast mascara.

This article is sponsored by COVERGIRL.

For Work

The application: As you apply your mascara, twirl the wand towards your face to add volume and length. The Super Sizer brush is specifically designed to max out your lashes with just the twist of the lash styler brush.

The look: Keep it natural for work. A tiny bit of taupe eyeshadow all over your lid, accompanied by pink blush and lip gloss, will keep you looking awake without going over the top.

For A Special Occasion

The application: After applying two coats of mascara, hold the wand horizontally and drag it outwards, pulling your lashes toward the outer corners of your eyes. Then, coat the outer half of your bottom lashes to achieve a doll-eyed look.

The look: Your glam lashes pair perfectly with a thin winged liner, poppy red lip (like COVERGIRL's Outlast Longwear Lipstick in Red Siren), and a swipe of bright blush on the apples of your cheeks.

For A Night Out

The application: Pump up your top lashes with a few extra coats of mascara — the chunkier the better. Then, point your wand toward your eye and drag it along your bottom lashes to add a sultry vibe.

The look: Add drama with a gray smoky eye, a swipe of bronzer on your cheekbones, and an opaque rosy nude lipstick.

Images: Bianca Consunji / Bustle (10); Makeup: Joy Fennell