14 Bastille Day Party Ideas That Are Perfect For Any Festive Francophile

Here are 14 Bastille Day party ideas you're going to want this July the 14th. Bastille Day, or La Fête Nationale, as it's known in France, commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution on July 14th, 1789. It also functions as a celebration of the national unity of modern France and its rich culture.

The most famous Bastille Day celebration takes place each year in Paris, with a military parade on the Champs-Élysées and fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. Here are some ideas to help you throw your own amazing Bastille Day celebration.

Image: Eat Live Travel Write

Paris Skyline Wall Decals

It wouldn’t be a Bastille Day party without the majesty of the Eiffel Tower. Bring the 986 foot landmark into your living room with these adorable wall decals, available on Etsy. These will make the perfect backdrop for your serving table or bar.

Image: DecalDesignStudio/Etsy

Tricolor Triangle Bunting

The similarity between the national colors of the United States, the United Kingdom, and France should make tricolor decorations relatively easy to track down. Fun fact— the French actually adopted their tricolor flag 13 years after the United States resolved to fly the stars and stripes, but who’s counting.

Image: SCKM/Etsy

Vintage Parisian Street Signs

Give your Bastille Day party some direction with vintage Parisian street signs. In addition to being cute and festive, you can give people directions to the kitchen or restroom using the street names on the signs.

Image: YesterdaysFrance/Etsy

Parisian Photo Booth Props

Oui, s’il vous plaît to these super cute French-themed photo booth props. Your Bastille Day party will be winning the Insta-game in no time when your friends break out the berets on sticks.

Image: PhotoBoothProp/Etsy

Paris Map Mural Photo Backdrop

What better backdrop for your photo booth props than this giant, 12ft-wide map of Paris? Make sure to measure to see that you have the wall space for this piece! You might even want to keep it up after the party is over.

Image: Anthropologie

Hot Air Balloon Garland

Another iconic visual of France is a sky dotted with hot air balloons. Take your Bastille Day party to new heights with this string of French-colored hot air balloon garland.

Image: EspeciallyPaper/Etsy

Wall Rosettes

Dress up your place even further with these wall rosettes, reminiscent of the tricolor cockades worn by French revolutionaries. Your party will be as colorful as Paris itself with all of these handmade decorations.

Image: CottonCandyLane/Etsy

Stylist Vintage French Champagne Bucket

What Bastille Day party would be complete without a cold bottle of champagne? Keep things cool with this awesome vintage champagne bucket. Not only is it functional to chill your bubbly, but it’s also brings yet another splash of France to the occasion.

Image: RueVertdegris/Etsy

Tricolor Macarons Because They're The Cookie Of La République

The most exciting part of any party is the food, and these are probably the cutest little cookies I’ve ever seen. Macarons have a history tied to the French Revolution. As local legend has it, two nuns Sisters Marguerite and Marie-Elisabeth, better known as ”Soeurs Macarons,” invented the treats to support themselves during the Revolution. Check out the recipe from Eat Live Travel Write for these tricolor macarons.

Image: Eat Live Travel Write

A Two-Tier Cupcake Display

Anyone who’s ever been to Paris knows that the bakeries are more than just a place to get a good pastry— they’re works of art in presentation as well. Get things off the ground with a two-tiered cupcake display that would make any French baker proud.

Image: jronaldlee/Flickr

Fleur De Lis Cupcake Toppers

Don’t let your cupcakes go topless! Give them a flourish with these fleur de lis cupcake toppers. They’ll look even more festive on the two-tier display.

Image: SewPrettyInVermont/Etsy

Hand Painted Marzipan Lollipops

Can-can dancers are a traditional part of Bastille Day celebrations. Don’t be left out! You can celebrate the 19th Century French dancehall invention with these hand painted, violet-flavored, marzipan lollipops. Your guests will do high-kicks for these gorgeous candies.

Image: ASecretForest/Etsy

Play Pétanque— Parisian Bocce

Pétanque is essentially the French version of Bocce Ball and is frequently played on Bastille Day! Check out this brightly-colored set of vintage Pétanque balls, available on Etsy. Check out this description of the official rules!

Image: CrolAndCo/Etsy


Much like the Fourth of July, Bastille Day involves a lot of fireworks. End your night by lighting up a few sparklers with your Francophile friends. Allez les Bleus!

Image: Schtumple/Flickr