Alaïa Opens An Exhibit With 65 Of His Designs

No one understands feminine and sexy quite like Azzedine Alaïa. And now, the most regarded fashion designer of the '80s is opening an exhibit called "Couture/Sculpture: Azzedine Alaïa in the History of Fashion," filled with 65 of his designs on display, including his famous body-con dresses. Excuse me while I buy a one-way ticket to the Galleria Borghese and camp out there forever.

Right when you walk in, the entrance boasts 13 full looks, and one look in particular stands out: Grace Jones' hooded bondage dress that she rocked in 1984. Alaïa's dresses are displayed next to Caravaggio paintings, Bernini's "David," Canova sculptures, and other stunning and classic works of art that make up part of Galleria Borghese's permanent collection.

The exhibition will focus on his work that's more reminiscent of sculpture than fashion design itself. As a teen, Alaïa actually studied sculpting, which according to him, had a "major influence" and "helped him shape his taste," according to H&G. In a statement, Galleria Borghese said, "This is what all of Alaïa’s work aspires to, silhouettes worn by ideal women that can “crack” the heart of men.”

“This shows how he holds up with old masters, it’s very clear and very simple,” said Mark Wilson, the exhibit's curator and friend of Alaïa.“I don’t even consider him a fashion person, he is an artist.” I couldn't agree with that sentiment more.

According to WWD, "Alaïa redid some looks to fit the mannequins and the size of the galleries, while others are original designs, such as Tina Turner’s short gold dress, or Charlotte Stockdale’s wedding gown for her marriage to Marc Newson."

In addition to the exhibit, a special dinner will be hosted on Friday to honor him. The exhibit will be available for viewing until the end of October, so get your a** to Rome, kids!

Images: @charu_gandhi/Instagram