Nathan Fillion will be too cute to handle

Nathan Fillion, otherwise known as Richard Castle, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Caleb, and Captain Hammer will bring out the cute on Castle tonight. Sure, the sloths in onesies may look cozy, and puppies learning to walk have the chubs factor, but neither compares to this adorable duo: Nathan Fillion and an infant. On tonight's episode of Castle, Nathan will probably solve a murder of some sort or another. I believe the episode has a plot involving a priest, an orphan, and a dead guy, which honestly sounds like the set-up for a bad joke. After Detective Beckett's brief stint in Washington D.C., anything is possible. But it has been confirmed that Nathan Fillion will definitely be holding an infant, possibly for long stretches of time. Praise the Alliance.

It is still yet to be seen how this will affect die-hard Firefly fans, but my prediction is that many of them will be adding more children to the network of Mal-inspired fan fiction. It is also possible that Dr. Horrible will melt in his oversized gloves at the news of cuteness involving Captain Hammer. If there were an award for large men being adorable while holding children, this episode will be in contention.

I hope the Fluffington Post and the rest of the lolcats can get on Castle's level tonight, because Nathan has brought out the big guns. If there were an award for cutest thing on network television, this trailer alone would win it. Get ready, internet, Nathan Fillion is coming for you.