Time To Be Jealous Of Princess Charlotte Again

A gift fit for a real-life princess! The newest member of the British royal family just got a present that's an homage to one of the most famous and beautiful fictional princesses of our time. Princess Charlotte received a $200K Snow White painting for her christening, complete with illustrations of the lovable Seven Dwarfs.

As if the painting itself wasn't cool enough, the piece of artwork is actually a reproduction of the original billboard advertisement for the 1937 movie. The canvas was created and designed by artist Stephen Cawston, who has the awesome job of reproducing original movie posters by hand.

Well, it is safe to say that considering the intricate detail of the painting (not to mention the art's hefty price tag), it is probably one of the most extravagant gifts that the royal bundle of joy has received so far in celebration of her christening, which took place on July 5. But some fans of the royal family might be wondering about other fancy gifts both Princess Charlotte and Prince George have received so far in their young lives. Well, rest assured, there are many fabulous trinkets, and no shortage of toys, clothing, or decor for these royal cuties. Check out a few of the most elaborate royal baby gifts below and see how the Snow White painting stacks up.

1. Snow White Painting

There she is, in all her glory, surrounded by none other than her best friends. The canvas, which is almost seven feet wide, showcases the remarkable work that went into the hand oil painting. Think that Princess Charlotte will be a fan of this movie when she gets older? If so, what a treat!

2. Jeweled Rattle

The Natural Sapphire Company announced that they would be gifting Princess Charlotte with a luxury rattle to celebrate her birth. The blinged-out toy is said to be worth $45,000, and is reportedly made from 18K white golf and lined with sapphires, rubies, and diamonds to produce the Union Jack flag.

3. Bonnet

As it turns out, Princess Charlotte's very first fashion statement was a gift! The adorable knitwear donned by the baby as she made her public debut was designed in an exclusive children's boutique in Northern Spain, and it has not been revealed how much it cost. Adorably and hilariously enough, the baby turned out to be wearing it backwards!

4. A Plane Birthday Card

Hangar 8's birthday greeting for Prince George will put your singalong card to shame. For his first birthday, the aviation management company gifted him with what is believed to be the most expensive birthday card ever.

5. Ornamental Orb

Pope Francis gifted Prince George this ornamental orb, which is made from lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone and topped with a silver cross of St. Edward the Confessor. This is one gift he probably won't be able to touch until he's much older!

6. Bracelet

Famed jewelry designer Theo Fennell created an 18K white gold bracelet to honor Prince George's birth. The gift, worth 10,000 British Pounds, served a more practical (albeit odd) purpose too, to carry around rash cream in a charm-sized holder.

Clearly, when it comes to enjoying luxury, these two royal babies have their work cut out for them!