Gap & Virgin Hotels Are Doing Fashion Room Service

Room service is one of the great conveniences of hotel dwelling. Gap and Virgin Hotels are reinventing room service, but not by delivering their version of eggs and toast or a burger and fries to your temporary lodging. Instead, they are partnering to deliver the hottest Gap styles and pieces to guests while in their hotel rooms.

Forgot a shirt? Need a layering tee or a pair of skinnies for an unplanned encounter? Airline lose your luggage because you didn't carry on and instead checked your bag? A spot of unexpected weather for which you didn't pack properly? Run out of clothes because you decided to change outfits a few too many times?

Those are all fashion headaches one can and will encounter when on the road and away from home. It sucks when your closet or dresser is not within arm's reach.

All of the prevalent "traveling fashion" problems will be easily solved with a few mouse clicks thanks to this service. But don't get too excited, as the Gap in-room service appears to be launching only at Virgin Hotels Chicago for the time being.

The service makes use of Gap's Reserve In Store technology, which lets online shoppers place items on hold at a Gap outpost. Customers are then notified when the pieces are available for pickup.

Here, hotel guests can shop via Gap's website, reserving the styles that they desire and then purchase them all in the privacy of their accommodations.

But instead of you going to pick them up, the hotel will grab them and deliver them to you. Now that's front door service!

If you don't have the ability to shop when traveling, since it's a work trip or because time just doesn't permit, this program is a God-send.

Since Gap offers so many affordable basics, you can get cheap, quality threads without having to make a mad dash to find a store. Unless, of course, shopping was part of your original itinerary.

If that doesn't make you do the happy dance, nothing will! As a frequent and efficient traveler, this is like the answer to may prayers. I hope it becomes a widespread service.

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