7 Bloggers Who Prove Crop Tops Are Universal

by Kali Borovic

Believe it or not, there are still people on the fence about crop tops, despite the fact that they've been trending for quite awhile now. Luckily there are many style bloggers of all shapes and sizes who prove that everyone can wear crop tops. After seeing how well these ladies sport the style, you'll officially be convinced to make some room in the closet for the belly-baring trend — that is, if you weren't on board already.

When it comes to crop tops, people often need a little encouragement. O magazine came under fire recently for publishing a blurb that states one can only pull of the midriff flashing shifts "if (and only if) you have a flat stomach," and there are style bloggers out there ready to prove this concept wrong. Whether you're holding onto one for a special occasion or making them part of your daily wardrobe, these women prove that there really is no wrong way to sport the look.

The haters are gonna hate, but that doesn't mean your personal style should suffer. These ladies are bold enough to rock the trend, and encourage everyone else to do so as well. It doesn't look like crop tops are going anywhere anytime soon, so take some style lessons from these bloggers and jump right in.

1. Katana Fatale

A fan of bold patterns and colors, this fashion blogger knows a thing or two about personal style.

2. Gabifresh

I'm absolutely in love with this blogger's style. From crop tops to high waisted bathing suits, she constantly has adorable looks and the confidence to wear whatever she wants and look fab.

3. Rhiannon Hennessy

She's proud of her style, which makes this blogger one of the best.

4. Candice Huffine

Blogger, model, and fashion designer, Huffine knows trends. She's constantly talking about body positivity and has a totally stellar wardrobe.

5. Chastity Garner-Valentine

Instead of listening to limiting style advice, Garner-Valentine is providing her own. Move over body shamers, because this woman is here to prove you wrong.

6. Ashley Graham

Whether she's wearing something sporty or a little more chic, Graham believes that confidence is the best accessory, and her style proves it.

7. Marie Denee

She isn't afraid to commit to a trend, and that's what makes her such an incredible style star.

No matter what you're wearing, these bloggers remind fashionistas everywhere that what's important is how it makes you feel.

Image: candicehuffine/Instagram