This Thank-You Note From RBG Is Perfect

If you thought RBG could not be a more perfect human, I suggest you think again. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sent a thank-you note to the woman who made her a lace collar, and I'm basically living vicariously through the designer over here. Reddit user Sahrabee started a thread Wednesday night titled, "I made a lace collar for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she actually wrote me a thank you note!!" under the sub-reddit r/pics, naturally showing off a photo of the handmade collar and handwritten letter. Note the oh-so official SCOTUS letterhead at the top of the card. So legit. Yes, I am jealous.

Prepare yourself to swoon and feel all the warm feels. The letter reads:

Dear Ms. Harvin,

The lace collar is elegant. I will wear it often, with your artistry and caring.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In all seriousness, though, how precious is she? Considering Ginsburg is basically the poster child for pro-woman everything, this genuinely gracious letter of thanks is exactly the kind of response I would expect from our dynamite Associate Supreme Court Justice.

Let's also take a second to admire Ms. Harvin's fabulous craftsmanship. The lace collar, she says, was made by using the tatting technique. In other words, she basically handcrafted the lace from a series of knots and loops. It's pretty impressive, as I've only barely mastered knit-one-pearl-two and can only assume how difficult Harvin's technique would have been to learn in the first place, let alone master. With this collar around her neck, Ginsburg will not only rule the courtroom, she'll do it in style.

If you adore RBG as much as the next girl, you're in luck. While I'm sure you could rock a lace collar in her honor and be totally twinning with the Supreme Court Justice, I suggest taking things a step further. Check out these five RBG-inspired memorabilia. Nothing says I support the Supreme Court like wearing RGB's face on your stomach.

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Images: Sahrabee/reddit, Courtesy Brands (5)