Daniel Radcliffe Almost Quit 'Harry Potter' After This Fan Favorite Film

My childhood is upset. Daniel Radcliffe, why must you hurt us so? Ugh, fine, we can't stay mad at you for long. But still, folks, the fact is real: Daniel Radcliffe thought about leaving Harry Potter after Prisoner of Azkaban. But he didn't! That's the important part! He didn't!

Here's what he said in a recent interview with The Guardian:

The thought of another actor coming in mid-franchise — without the necessity of it through death, as with the tragic death of Richard Harris and the casting of Michael Gambon as Dumbledore — seems almost inconceivable. What he says does make sense, though: If he were going to leave at any time, that would have been it.

The guy was also only around 14 at the time, and if there's any time to start feeling chafed by your surroundings — whether that be a big-budget movie set or your bedroom back home — it's right about then.

Radcliffe also didn't likely have those doubts about his future in the series because of any qualm with Prisoner of Azkaban itself — he reflected on the merits of that film in a past interview with The Huffington Post:

We obviously know which choice Radcliffe ended up making, and now that he is living a post-Potter life he says that he has no grand scheme (or desire) anymore to distance himself from its legacy — although plenty of actors who've played iconic characters have tried to do so in the past.

We gotta hand it to him, so far it seems he's doing a pretty good job.

Image: Warner Bros.