11 Best Clothes To Wear While Going Commando

I always ask myself, does everyone wear underwear all of the time, and if so, why would you subject yourself to visible pantylines and uncomfortable fabrics? I think underwear is very overrated and only exists to make us uncomfortable, so screw that — all that remains is trying to figure out what clothes to wear when going commando. No matter what your underwear preference is, going commando is sometimes inevitable, or just plain necessary. And whatever your reason for going sans underwear is, you'll probably want some good wardrobe options to keep people's knowledge of your lack of knickers at bay while staying comfortable and not feeling like your ass is going to come out of your skirt at any moment.

Generally speaking, wearing clothing that brings attention to your crotch area while going commando is a bad idea. I mean, unless you're into that sort of thing — no judgement! The biggest fear I have while going commando is that someone will know I'm not wearing underwear because they'll see my bare butt. I don't really want strangers seeing my ass unsolicited, so I try to take as much precaution as possible if I think this is a possibility. If you're looking for some commando-friendly clothing to sport while you're doing your thing, here are the 11 best clothing items to wear while letting yourself feel a little freer.

1. Pants That Stretch

If you're wearing pants — unless you make some sort of major wardrobe malfunction — no one will know that you're going commando. Plus, it's one of the easiest garments to wear without underwear. Since pants provide some support and protection for your lady parts, they're very comfortable to wear on their own.

Pants with underwear can leave you with visible panty lines and bunchy fabric that can cause wedgies, so why not ditch the hip huggers altogether? Just make sure your pants aren't at all transparent and have a nice, comfortable fit. If they're too big in the waist or hips, you'll be hiking them up all day, which could potentially blow your commando cover.

2. Your Comfiest Jeans

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Jeans are another great pant option that are great for going commando, since they're thickness and fit usually just make underwear a pain to deal with, anyway. Just another word of caution around fit: Make sure they fit comfortably without adjustment, or else you'll be in for a day of playing clothing babysitter.

3. Leggings Or Jeggings

Leggings are hands down my favorite article of clothing period and they are the perfect clothing item to wear while you're free balling. They're already tight and provide your crotch with breathable fabric, while still keeping everything safe and in tact. The two biggest things to worry about with wearing leggings while going commando are see-through fabric and camel toe.

Since leggings have such a tight fit, they can sometimes give you camel toe and the likelihood of this only increases if you're not wearing underwear. Just be positive that nothing can be seen and that they don't fit too tightly, and you'll be good. Plus, leggings are another item of clothing that often exposes underwear because of panty lines and transparency, so it's honestly going to be easier to conceal going commando in leggings than it will be to conceal underwear.

4. Maxi Dresses

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Some of the most difficult items to wear while going commando are skirts and dresses, since they can be uncomfortable to wear with nothing on your crotch, and also give you the highest probability of flashing someone. But maxi dresses are a great way around this if you want to avoid wearing underwear while still wearing a dress. There's really no way you can go wrong here.

5. High-Low Skirts

The high-low skirt is such a gorgeous proportion to wear to emphasize your curves and also makes going commando a breeze. Since the back is longer than the front of your garment, you don't have to worry about your skirt riding up. Everything stays in place easily with this cut, so take advantage and ditch your panties!

6. Bike Shorts

I also don't understand why people wear underwear while they work out, since it's just another item that will get sweaty and gross. Considering you run into the problem of visible panty lines with the tight fit of biker shorts, it just seems like the perfect garment to wear without underwear. Just make sure they have a very tight fit to avoid chaffing. Go forth and be commando.

7. Pencil Skirts

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Since pencil skirts are usually on the longer side as far as skirt length goes and are also form-fitting, there's no way anyone will know you're wearing it sans panties. They've also got a nice fit and won't leave you uncomfortable or wishing you didn't have to deal with sweaty thighs all day. Just make sure not to wear one that has an unexpected high slit or transparent side panel detail.

8. Bikini Bottoms

You obviously can't wear underwear with a bikini and in fact, you can use bikini bottoms as an underwear replacement! Summer is the perfect time to wear a kaftan or sarong to a beach party or barbecue while incorporating bikini bottoms into the outfit. This way, you can swim anytime you want and also stay comfortable in the summer sun.

9. A Wedding Dress

This might seem weird, but you have to think of logistics when you'll be wearing a wedding gown. It can be extremely difficult to go to the bathroom in a wedding dress and underwear just adds another barrier to the list. Why not go without entirely? This is another situation where no one will know the wiser. Plus, it could be a really sexy surprise for your spouse to be!

10. Pajamas

Not only can you wear pajamas without underwear, but you actually should! Physicians say that wearing underwear to bed can prevent your vagina from getting some much needed breathing room to maintain its healthy PH balance. Doing so can actually lead to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis — no fun at all! So do yourself and your vagina a favor and wear your pajamas without underwear beneath them.

11. Bodycon Dresses

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Last but not least are body condresses. Since they're typically skin tight, wearing underwear with them could be uncomfortable and is also unnecessary considering you're totally protected by the dress anyway. You'll also eliminate the panty line problem. Win, win.

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