11 Great TV Shows to Binge Watch Through Your Break-up

Let’s just get this out of the way, BREAK-UPS ARE THE WORST. The broken hearts, crumpled up tissues, out-of-the-blue-rage-thoughts, inexplicable jealousy, newfound insecurities, endless questions to things you probably never want to truly know, and the loss of the one you love are all TERRIBLE. And while you’re stroking your former-partner’s side of the bed and seeing if the pillow has lost their scent (just me?), your friends will be there to pick up the pieces, so to speak. Dutifully with wine, pizza, and plenty of shit-talking ready to go. And as much as you’d like to buy into the whole “Screw him!” or “You’re better off without her!” adages thrown your way, the fact of the matter is, your break-up really hurts and you need some time to heal, feel sad, and just deal.

However you choose to deal is up to you. Talk about it ad nauseam to the people around you (just ya know, make sure you ask them how their day is, too). Listen to some sad songs and feel a lot of things (but try not to wallow forever). Write out everything you want to cry and scream at your ex, then put it somewhere safe (not the mailbox). Get a head-to-toe-makeover and treat yo’ self. Flip off people who are holding hands. Go to New York and just be angry, because you can just do that there. But when the mood so strikes you that you just can’t get off the couch and you’re feeling low, or tired, or not ready to face all of your (annoyingly happy) friends who are coupled-up, and you just gotta spend some time with me, myself, and TV — here are some shows to binge-watch through your breakup.

by Rachel Semigran

'New Girl'

You might think I’m crazy for this one at first. HOW CAN YOU RECOMMEND A SHOW WITH SOMEONE SO HAPPY IN IT? I know, I know, Zooey Deschanel’s quirkiness might seem off-putting... at first. I promise, a few episodes in and you’ll be happily hooked to what’s going on in the loft. You’ll probably find yourself looking forward to it, because escapism is a real thing. Also: Nick Miller.

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'Friday Night Lights'

Feel like getting away from everyone and everything? Head on down to Dillon, Texas, home of Panther football, Coach, Tami Taylor, Tim Riggins, Matthew Saracen, Crucifictorious, hopes, dreams, and plenty of drama. Friday Night Lights is the critical-darling that is impossible to stop watching once you start. When in doubt, ask yourself WHAT WOULD TAMI TAYLOR DO? Whether you're watching it for the first time or re-watching it for the tenth time, you’ll be inspired to fight back after one of Coach Taylor’s many dazzling inspirational speeches. Clear eyes. Full full hearts. CAN’T LOSE.

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'Summer Heights High'

If Mr. G can’t inspire you to live for your dreams, then I don’t know what will. Chris Lilley’s brilliantly bizarre character comedy will have you breakdancing like Jonah before you know it. You’ll also get some pro tips from Ja’mie on how to be insanely confident and tackle your next relationship, “I would never go out with a guy that wasn't into peace.” There's plenty more of that. PLENTY.

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'Golden Girls'

This show was way, way ahead of its time and the humor is still golden. With lifelong female friendship at the core of the series you’ll be reminded that you may have lost your significant other, but you’ll always have your best friends.

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First and foremost, Martin Freeman just gives me hope that there are good men in the world. Secondly, the sexy series is brilliantly written and acted and is a wonder to watch. Turn on your inner sleuth and get lost in the mysteries and suspense that is Sherlock. Bonus: Benedict Cumberbatch in 90-120 minute long "episodes." SOLD.

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'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Getting dumped can make you want to do a lot of things. If yelling and drinking beer are two of them, might as well join the gang and laugh while you’re at it.

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'Parks and Recreation'

(SPOILERS SORT OF) Things are a bit simpler in the town of Pawnee, but not in their local government. If you think your break-up is a pain in the ass, try fighting Paunch Burger for the rights to an empty pit in the ground. You’ll also gain plenty of life skills from the musings of Ron Swanson, get your swag on with Tom and Donna, roll your eyes with April at stupid things like love, and fight the good fight with Leslie Knope. Pro tip: avoid Season 5 as Leslie and Ben’s courtship will give you unrealistic expectations about love.

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'Game of Thrones'

Having violent thoughts about your ex? Just get it all out. Also the show is so complicated you’ll spend less time thinking about the breakup and more time trying to figure out what that guy just killed that other guy and why that kid ran away to that kingdom... etc. Need another season? See image to the left. HUBBA HUBBA.

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'30 Rock'

With roughly one-million jokes per minute, 30 Rock just may be the funniest show in television history. The humor is also as overwhelming as the show's heart. And trust me, no one articulated the struggles of single life, break-ups, and relationship woes quite like Liz Lemon. Grab a snuggie and start working on that night cheese... you'll be over those dummies who broke your heart in no time.

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'The Inbetweeners'

Nothing like watching four foul-mouthed British teenagers survive the brutal awkwardness that is high school. Suddenly your break-up might feel less intense when you realize, “Oh thank god I’m not 17.” Hilarious and surprisingly touching (at times), you’ll cringe as much as you’ll laugh, and that’s a good thing.

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'Top Chef'

If you’re like me, breakups will make you want to carb your way through the pain. NO ONE IS JUDGING YOU. Padma, Tom, Gail, and a plethora of celebrity chefs will especially not judge you. And hey, you might pick up a few pro cooking skills along the way.

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