If We Complimented Men The Way We Compliment Women

How would it sound if we complimented men the same way we compliment women? BuzzFeed Video has an answer for us (obviously), and they made a hilarious video while making a pretty damn good point. No matter the scenario (whether you're at the office, at happy hour with friends, or on a date) the way we compliment women is incredibly skewed. We would never compliment a man by saying how much we admire their independence, or how great their hair looks (because their hair is irrelevant and their independence is a "given"). And yet we give women those compliments all the time, without thinking twice.

I will admit that my hair is not irrelevant and I do appreciate compliments on it (I mean... guys... I'm not fishing here but...), but there are other things I do (other than straighten my hair) that are worth complimenting! (Okay, fine, I really am fishing.)

So, this video will either motivate you to give your lady friends a few more compliments about the great work they're doing, or their other admirable skills. Or it will inspire you to tell your male friends that those jeans makes their ass look phenomenal. Either one is fine.

Here's what we'd say if we complimented men the way we complimented women:

That we love their confidence:

We'd tell them how good their hair looks:

That we're shocked by how much they can eat:

We'd call them ~strong men~ (but not in a Disney prince kinda way):

Watch the full video (and be inspired to give the ladies in your life a compliment that isn't "You're having a great hair day.")

Though it's fine if in addition to giving them a new compliment you also mention that their hair does, in fact, look sensational.

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