'Fear The Walking Dead' Will Terrify You

If you're a fan of zombies, then you've no doubt watched and loved The Walking Dead. But what's better than one zombie show on AMC? How about two? Fear The Walking Dead is the Walking Dead companion we've all been waiting for but never knew we needed. The series covers the pre-Rick Grimes world before it was left in ruins, when the mysterious virus that laid waste to the earth's population was only just getting started. In a way, it's even more terrifying and anxiety-inducing than its predecessor. Sure,The Walking Dead shows how bleak and dangerous life can be when mostly everyone is already dead and you've got more chance of joining the zombie population than you do escaping it. But with the new series, we get to take a trip back in time to when the virus is just starting to take over and when no one really even knew what it was. Doesn't that scare you more? If you're not already nodding an emphatic yes, just wait until you watch the new official Comic-Con trailer for Fear The Walking Dead .

Before I give too much away, I'd rather let the video do the talking (or screaming) for itself. The more I hear about Fear The Walking Dead, the more excited I get — and the more nervous, as well. Let's just be glad it's fiction for now, shall we, and enjoy the most intense moments from the trailer.

Well, This Doesn't Look Good

One day you're living a normal life, the next you're in an abandoned building with bloody dead people lying around and you've got to carry a weapon and hope that whoever (or whatever) killed them doesn't come for you, too.

You Might Want To Get Out Of There

Oh right, just a bunch of zombies feasting on dead people brains and therefore creating more zombies. Totally normal, nothing to see here!

Ah, Yes — Running Is A Great Idea

Except the whole "getting hit by a car" thing probably isn't a good idea. Especially since once you get to the hospital, your parents will put the whole thing down to a bad trip on whatever drugs you were doing instead of believing that something is seriously amiss.

When People Start Going Missing, You Know Things Are Getting Serious

This is so haunting, because it basically signifies the beginning of the end... of the entire world. If that doesn't completely unnerve you, then please, give me the number of your psychologist, who can hopefully prescribe me the same medication.

Oh God, Why Won't It Die?!

I mean, I know why — it's a zombie and zombies can't be killed by shooting them anywhere other than the center of the forehead. But THEY don't know that, at least not yet.

Chaos Ensues

Once everyone realizes what's going on, it's obviously time to panic, which generally never helps matters, but I would probably do the same.

Oh God, Someone Hold Me, Please

This is just getting way too serious for me. I'm scared! I mean, I love it, but I'm still scared!

Watch the full trailer for Fear The Walking Dead below, and try to do it while it's still light outside if you plan on sleeping tonight.

Images: AMC; Domenic Meisto/YouTube (7)