12 Painfully Real Struggles Girls Have In Summer

I'm about to lay some truth on you guys: Summer is not the best season. #micdrop #dealwithit. Don't believe me? BuzzFeed's video of 12 Annoying Struggles Girls Have Every Summer provides ample evidence to back up this assertion. I mean, it's better than Winter (at least it's better than winter in the Northeast, where I live, which is basically an exact recreation of Dante's Ninth Ring of Hell), but Winter's not really hard to beat, so that's just damning Summer with faint praise. Summer is obnoxiously hot and sticky, but because the sun is out you feel like a jackass if you aren't outside "enjoying the weather." So you go outside, and the grass scratches your legs, and you are just as uncomfortable and sweaty as you imagined you'd be, and you wind up having to drink, like, your weight in rosé to deal with it, and couldn't you just do that in a nice air conditioned bar?

The boob sweat alone should make us all dread the summer. Especially when you have boob sweat mixed with sunscreen. It's the grossest feeling ever! Except for maybe that general defeated feeling you get when you walk outside and it is legit 25 degrees hotter on the other side of your apartment door. Or the feeling of your body writhing in agony as you cope with sunburn, because you forgot to reapply, or you missed one spot. Or maybe the horrific itching that comes after the burning.

I don't care how big a grumpy killjoy this makes me out to be: I cannot choose one worst horrible summer annoyance. They're all awful. This is why we have to work hard to avoid global warming—not to save the polar bears or avoid natural disasters of Biblical proportions, but to prevent these ultimately minor but extremely annoying inconveniences from impeding our lives longer than its 3 allotted months.

Did your pet peeve make the cut? Check out BuzzFeed's list below.

Image: YouTube