12 Summer Prints To Decorate Your Home Now That Warm Weather Has Arrived

With every new season comes a fresh outlook, including when it comes to decorating your home. Summer is here, so it's time to stash away the Pendleton blankets and winter wreaths. Here are 12 bright, playful, and fun summer prints to cover your walls with instead. Indulge in the season and surround yourself with all things pretty. Pineapples, popsicles, and pop art prints included. When you're planning that summer getaway, you'll want some inspiration all around you — so check out these fabulous prints while the season's still young!

Island Pineapple by Kiana Mosley

This fruity piece of art is the perfect wall accompaniment while you’re dreaming of the tropics.

Island Pineapple by Kiana Mosley, $19.50+, Artfully Walls

Hello Summer Print

Hello, summer! Stay forever.

Hello Summer Print, $20, LittleEmmasPrints/Etsy

Kii Arens Beck Lithograph Art Print

Sorry Kanye, but Beck’s Santa Barbara concert poster by Kii Arens is so much prettier on a wall than Yeezus anything.

Kii Arens Beck Lithograph Art Print, $40, Urban Outfitters

Shoe Store in Paris by Sivan Askayo

In need of some travel inspiration? Mount this print up in your home to help you get some bags packed.

Shoe Store in Paris by Sivan Askayo, $24+, Artfully Walls

Inspire and Higher Print

Wonder… then explore.

Inspire and Higher Print, $15.99, ModCloth

Skull Art Print

For the bad girl (and hippie child) in all of us.

Skull Art Print, $15, Society6

Tina Crespo Salt Water Cure Art Print

“The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, or the ocean.” Now that’s a quote.

Tina Crespo Salt Water Cure Art Print, $26+, Urban Outfitters

Flat Popsicle Poster

Is there anything better than a popsicle on a hot summer day?

Flat Popsicle Poster, $7, lovelynoodle/Etsy

Happily Ever Estuary Print

Under the sea, under the seaDarlin’ it’s betterDown where it’s wetter,Take it from me

Happily Ever Estuary Print, $9.99, ModCloth

Dotty in Pink by Julia Di Sano

Abstract art lovers: get excited. This stunning print uses just the right colors for the summer season.

Dotty in Pink by Julia Di Sano, $24+, Artfully Walls

Yellow Van Print

I just feel like everybody needs a big yellow van.

Yellow Van Print, $19.95, Society6

Thug Life Art Print

Done and done.

Thug Life Art Print, $18, Society6