'Green Lantern Corps' Receives Official Confirmation & There's Major Reason To Believe It's Going To Be Good

Who knows where you’ll be in five years, but for many DC Comics fans, they’ll probably be cradling an extra large box of popcorn and staring wide-eyed at a movie theater screen while DC Comics' the Green Lantern reboot — officially known as The Green Lantern Corps — whisks them away for a second time into the world of the superhero's adventures. That was a rather dramatic introduction, but considering Warner Brothers and DC Comics just confirmed the the film during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con — which will be the first to feature the character since 2011's Ryan Reynolds-starring Green Lantern— the theatrical verbiage couldn’t be more fitting. Based on the few details that have been released about the film, Green Lantern fans have reason to be hopeful for the reboot’s success.

First of all, The Green Lantern Corps has a 2020 release date, which means it won’t exactly be a rush job. In other words, producers, directors and screenwriters have plenty of time to fine-tune the specifics and get the new reboot really right.

Also, ScreenRant reports that some of that time will be devoted to casting more than one lead role. According to MTV, it was initially believed that Chris Pine nabbed the starring tole, but as it turns out, Warner Bros. has yet to make that call — meaning Pine is not officially affiliated with the project. Either way, spreading the roles would definitely make things more interesting and further serve the cause of the reboot distinguishing itself from the original. And as stated by Collider, the plan to cast different Lanterns may be beneficial for future sequels.

Hopefully it won't take the entire five years for more confirmation, but for now fans have reason enough to expect the best from the Green Lantern reboot.

Image: Warner Bros.