8 People You Forgot Were In ‘Wedding Crashers,’ From Bradley Cooper To John McCain

10 years ago today a little movie called Wedding Crashers hit the big screen and instantly became one of the most classic comedy movies of this generation. For years to come frat guys and bros all over the country would tell each other to lock it up and pull out Rule #76, “No excuses. Play like a champion” whenever one of their friends was being lame. Not to mention without John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, stage-five clingers probably wouldn't even be a thing. Happy anniversary Wedding Crashers, it’s been a great decade.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are the stars of Wedding Crashers, but you probably already knew that, which is why we didn’t include this on the list of people you forgot were in the movie. It’s pretty much impossible to forget that these two were in the movie. These days you can find Vince Vaughn on HBO in the second season of True Detective — a pretty big change in pace from Wedding Crashers. Of course Owen Wilson is is getting ready for round two as the dashing male model Hansel in Zoolander 2.

So who else starred in the 2005 wedding comedy? You may be surprised at some of the people you forgot about!

1. Bradley Cooper

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Before he became one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, he starred as Rachel McAdams very douchey boyfriend Sack in Wedding Crashers. You may have forgotten about him since the only thing he really did before that was Wet Hot American Summer and still he wasn’t super popular at that time.

2. Jane Seymour


The foxy matriarch of the Cleary family was played by none other then Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman herself.

3. Christopher Walken

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Before he graced our TV screens as Captain Hook in NBC’s Peter Pan Live, he was playing the wealthy father in Wedding Crashers. Of course Christopher Walken was well-known before that role and has continued making movies. Remember that time he was married to John Travolta in Hairspray? I do.

4. Rachel McAdams

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She got to make out with Aaron Samuels and Ryan Gosling in 2004 and by the next year she was crushing on Owen Wilson and dating Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers. Since then she has played the love interest for pretty much every hot guy in Hollywood, including Robert Downey Jr. who she will be hanging out with again when they start to film Sherlock Holmes 3. Yes, I am jealous of all the men she’s gotten to kiss over the years…Channing Tatum.

5. Isla Fisher

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Isla Fisher may have played a stage-five virgin clinger, but now she’s happily married to Borat aka Sacha Baron Cohen. Over the years she has played a shopaholic, a magician and a coked-out bridesmaid. I would say that she’s been doing great things. Oh, and she’s also a mom now!

6. Keir O’Donnell

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No one will forget Keir O’Donnell’s classic Wedding Crasher line: “Death, you are my bitch lover!” Since playing Todd, the gay Cleary son with a crush on Vince Vaughn he has been on shows including Sons of Anarchy, United States of Tara, Fargo and Masters of Sex. He also reunited with Bradley Cooper in American Sniper, playing Chris Kyle’s brother.

7. Ellen Albertini Dow

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RIP Grandma Cleary. The famous Wedding Crashers and Wedding Singer grandma passed away in May this year. She was 101 when she passed away and continued acting up until 2013, which is very impressive.

8. Will Ferrell

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Mom! The meatloaf! F—k! No explanation needed.

9. John McCain

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Even the Arizona senator made an appearance at the Cleary wedding. Because that’s just how important Christopher Walken and Jane Seymour are.

Images: Wedding Crashers/Screenshot