Storm To Hit On The Worst Day Of The Year

Weather reports this week originally suggested that the entire East Coast would have to watch out for bad weather on Thanksgiving. Now, it turns out Thursday’s forecast shouldn’t be all that bad — it’s Wednesday we all have to watch out for. On one of the busiest travel days of the year, wind, snow, and rain, storms are expected to delay flights and make traveling across the country a lot more difficult than usual. An estimated 44 million people will be traveling this year — 39 million people by car and 3 million people by plane — but the days leading up to Thanksgiving are not making it easy for friends and family to get to their final destinations.

According to predictions by AAA, 37 percent of all travelers will be on the road and in the air on Wednesday, and the company estimates they’ll have to help out more than 320,000 travelers due to weather conditions.

"It's a pretty big, impactful winter storm that is going to hit on the worst day it could possibly hit," meteorologist Dave Hennen told CNN. The combination of rain and wind means "the number of airplanes (that airports) can accept per hour will drop drastically."

The wintry mix of snowfall and rain on the East Coat isn’t supposed to affect any major cities, but places outside of Boston and Philadelphia should prepare for a significant storm. Meanwhile, storm patterns have already caused several accidents on the East Coast. As Bustle reported Monday:

There have unfortunately already been a number of fatalities caused by this dangerous weather nationwide. The Oklahoma’s Department of Public Safety says that four people have died on the road since Friday. A Texas State Trooper said three people also died that day in a pileup on an icy Interstate, and two people died while driving in New Mexico on Friday, including a 4-year-old girl.