YA Book Gifts That'll Convert Even Young Adult Grinches: Match the Perfect Book to Your Friends' Pop Culture Favorites

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Books can be a great present to capture all of the things you love about your favorite people, like adventure stories for your thrill-seeking pals or cookbooks for the next Martha Stewart. And a good YA novel is something they're unlikely to already have on their bookshelves and can make the best gift of all.

If some adults are resistant to YA, give them a nudge with a parallel to some of their favorite movies, TV shows, and books. Can't miss The Walking Dead or other apocalypse movies? There's a YA novel for that. Or is your friend more of a hopeless romantic, swooning over recent classics like Titanic and Notting Hill? There's a YA novel for that, too. This holiday season, widen your loved ones' literary circles by referencing their pop culture favorites.

For your friend or family member…

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